New Cards Galore

It seems like so long since I’ve designed new cards. I think I’ve done one in the last four months but I can finally share some more with you starting with these friend cards:

Photo 07-03-2018, 4 47 15 pm

They go nicely in my shop next to all those family cards I’ve been making. My sister cards are still my best sellers, which my dad isn’t happy about because he wants the brother cards to sell just as well!

I’ve also made some cheerful papercut notecards: Continue reading


Quilting Progress – Finally!

In my 2018 goals post, I talked about how I really wanted to finish my first quilt this year. I’m moving in summer and, as I mentioned then, I’m not sure my sewing machine will get set up where we move to so I’m attempting, however vainly, to get it done by then.

Last year my process was to piece the quilt blocks, basted them and quilted them in sets of four. (there are four blocks of each of the six fabrics I’m using).

I managed to completely finish just 2 sets of four last year, and pieced the tops of the next set.

Evidently this method doesn’t work for me, stopping to cut material is the biggest time consumer (other than all those other projects I did but shhh). So I’ve decided to piece all of the blocks in one go, baste them all and them quilt them all.

Step one and two of this plan was finished this week. Like the awesome blogger I am, I forgot to take any photos as I was going along.  Continue reading

10 More Most Anticipated Books of 2018

Here I am again telling you about even more amazing books that are being/have been released this year. My original top ten is here, but I’ve heard of so many amazing books since I managed to narrow it down to ten for that list that I just had to do another one.

Some of them have already been released (because its March already, when did that happen?!) but I’ve listed them by release date so without further ado*:

10 more most anticipated releases of 2018

*okay, a bit more ado, the links are all to the goodreads pages for that book so you can go and add them, and the releases dates are according to goodreads so don’t quote me on them or anything


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And now for something completely different…

Before anyone worries, I haven’t abandoned my Christmas cross stitch, but I’ve been working on it since August and I needed a break. There’s only so long you can stay interested in stitching white on red and apparently my limit is 6 months!

I did do a few more of the snowflakes but it’s started to feel like I’m not getting anywhere. I know I am, and I’ve only got about a third left of the whole project to do but that’s still a long way. I think once I finish the bit I’m on it’ll be more exciting again, and then it’ll be time to fill in all the gold which will be fun.

But in the meantime, I’ve started a quick little cross stitch based on the notebooks I designed a couple of weeks ago. I changed the design slightly but here’s where I am after just a week of stitching:

Photo 26-02-2018, 3 10 22 pm

Obvious progress! Yay! Continue reading

March TBR

I heard about a new readathon over on twitter recently called indieathon which is all about reading indie/selfpublished or small press published books during the month of march. Now, I am going on holiday towards the end of march and I already have plenty of books on my holiday TBR to be getting on with but this readathon is such a good idea that I’m going to take part for the first couple of weeks of march.

It’s hosted by Lia and you can see the announcement post for more information over on her blog HERE, And you can check out her post all about it here. Or search for the hashtag on twitter #indieathon where hopefully lots of people will be talking about it and you can check out some peoples recs as self published books can be a bit hard to find sometimes.

The readathon also has a bingo card that you can use to check things off. I’m not sure if I should be doing one square for each book or all of the ones that apply to each book. Is that cheating? Haha.



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Memo Pad: February Book Wrap-up

Another month down and another lot of books read. 5 this month, to be precise. I set myself the goal last month of finishing the Starship’s Mage series this month which was the final three books. And I’m happy to say I managed it and they were amazing! Seriously, one of the best series I’ve ever read, i enjoyed it so much. I also read two eArcs. I was planning on reading three but I forgot February was short so that didn’t happen, but I enjoyed them both.

My kindle unlimited trial is officially over so next month I’ll be getting back to the backlog of books that I’ve been buying over the last three months (current count on my kindle is now over 60 unread books!). I’m also going to be taking part in indieathon at the start of next month so keep your eyes peeled for my post about that in a couple of days.

But for now my reviews, as always, links go to their goodread pages and all reviews are spoiler free.

mp feb2018

Read: 5

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Giveaway Winner & Mini Blog Redesign

First off I want to say thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway I hosted and also hello to all my new followers.

But without further ado, the winner, picked at random using an online generator is:

Abbie at Sparkle On!!!

Congrats!! I’ve contacted you and if you go to my etsy shop and pick a listing and a book of your choice from my top twenty (listed on the original post here), I’ll get your prizes sorted for you.

Once again thank you all for entering and joining me along this blogging ride.


I’d also like to take the chance to point out some minor changes on my blog. I haven’t done a whole new redesign but I have changed the menu and sections of the blog to better reflect where my blog is nowadays. It’s now split into 3 main sections:

JJ Reads, JJ Crafts, and JJ Writes, along with a section to keep all my older posts about crafting with chronic illness so that they stay available to anyone who needs them.

I’ve also updated my about page to reflect this.

Hopefully this just makes everything easier to see, especially if you’re hanging around for one particular category. It means you’ll be able to browse through all the posts on the subject your interested in by clicking on the header you want. Of course, all the posts will still show up on the main section too.

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