Craft Rating: Crochet

A craft I do the most nowadays is crochet. So I thought I’d kick off the craft ratings on my blog with it.


 crochethookEnergy rating:                         &

 Dexterity rating:                      &&

 Difficulty starting:                   &&&&

 Difficulty continuing:               &&

 Cost:                                         &



I’ve listed this as a 1 out of 5. Out of all the crafts I’ve tried so far this has been the least taxing on me. The fact you only have one small hook and yarn to work with, and the process of actually crocheting means you are only moving a very small amount compared to similar yarn crafts such as knitting. You can do this sitting comfortably on the sofa, propped up in bed or even lying down (which is how I do it). You don’t have many things to keep track of so it can be quite simple getting it out and putting away as well. Or even leaving out, as a small ball of yarn on a side table isn’t too much clutter.


Dexterity rating: 

I’ve given this a dexterity rating of 2 out of 5. This can be a craft that is extremely difficult if your condition is a diagnoses such as arthritis that limits movement or causes pain. But its not as fiddly as other crafts such as some of the more intricate paper crafts or embroidery/cross stitch. And there are things that can help. Using hooks with much thicker handles can help. Obviously these will bring the initial cost up but these hooks can still be very reasonably priced. These Fusion hooks from Amazon would be a good place to start if you do have a problem with dexterity, they’re still relatively cheap but offer a more comfortable grip than the standard hooks. You can always buy even more comfortable hooks for you when you get hooked.

Difficulty starting:

I’ve known many people who have attempted crochet and put it down and said it was way too complicated. In fact, I did too to start with. The terminology can be confusing, and figuring out where to stick the hook can be down right frustrating. But, if you find the right explanation for you and persevere, once you have learnt the basics it can get very simple. Its just getting the concept through and once you have your away.

Difficulty continuing:

I’ve given this a 2 out of 5. But really there is so much you can make with just one basic stitch that I could give it a 1. I find crochet a lot more free-form than knitting and its easier to create shapes and undo mistakes than its two needled counterpart as well.  There is a lot more to learn though, from different stitches to pattern reading and Tunisian crochet as well as the constant confusion between American and English terms, that it can get more complicated.


And finally, and rather importantly cost. Now, I’ve given this a 1 out of 5. Based on the fact you can pick up a basic set of crochet hooks from anywhere you like for less than £3. (Amazon search crochet hooks and pick any of the multicoloured aluminium hook sets). And a decent ball of yarn for less than £2. I would recommend Stylecrafts Special Aran as a good cheap yarn to get you started, pick a light colour so you can see what you are doing.

However, if you need specialised hooks, (starting from £8), fancy treating yourself with some fancy hooks or you get a bit addicted to expensive yarn, then this, like most things can climb.


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