New year, new goals, new blog, same me

Hello world, my name is Jess, I have ME and am stuck upstairs in my house, this is my new blog for a new year and that was a very bad introduction.

Moving swiftly on to the point . . .

I never make New Years resolutions, I don’t think that there’s much point making wild claims about how everything is going to be different this year. It’s not. I won’t miraculously get better from my chronic illness. I can’t go out and exercise and losing weight is entirely dependant on my health at any given time.
But, goals.
I think realistic goals can be a good starting point or at least a marker for how life is going. So, I thought I’d write them down here as a partial introduction

Goals for 2015

1. Water: Something I’ve seen a couple people mention since New Years. One of my main goals this year is to keep trying to up my water intake. I have gone from 500ml to 1L a day. And I want to try to continue.
2. Finish my tunisian crochet blanket. I started this monster last January (2014) and it’s still at least a couple months off being ready to put together. Then there’s a border to think about. But it WILL get finished this year. I’m really quite proud of myself for sticking with it as I’m not the best at finishing things.
3. Try to connect more with people. I’m rather social awkward and anxious and being mostly bedbound has not helped me make friends. (Which can be a rather lonely existence, although I do have one or two amazing friends.) So I’ve gee’d myself up to give it another go this year. I’ve made a shiny new blog with a purpose and opened a new twitter account (again. I’m really going to figure it out this time though). I’m currently trying to ignore that voice telling me I’m going to fail again.

That’s it really. One health, one hobby and one social aim for this year.

What are some goals/aims you are making this year? Or are you steering well clear of anything resembling resolutions?


4 thoughts on “New year, new goals, new blog, same me

  1. I like your approach: reasonable goals; one health, one hobby and one social. Breaking a goal down into smaller bits makes it more achievable.
    Best of luck during 2015! I’m rooting for you 😉


  2. It can be so hard to have social contact when you are housebound can’t it, but it sounds like you’ve set yourself some realistic goals for the coming year. I hope these small changes make a massive difference to your quality of life.


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