Why no Reading challenge?

The last couple of years I have set myself a reading challenge on Goodreads. I set my challenge to 40 last year, I did this quite easily in the end (finishing with 43 new and 6 re-reads). But I feel as if I have reached a saturation point. These last few months i’ve had real trouble with actually wanting to read anything. A rather major reading rut.

Reading is one of my loves, there’s nothing quite like falling into a new book and being transported to some other world. Especially with my world being so small right now, its become a bit of a crutch for me. So not wanting to do this is quite troubling. Therefore, I will not be setting a number on how many books I will read this year so expect it to be much less (Can you hear my father cheering? Books take up space apparently!)

I will still be on goodreads (feel free to add me), and updating to keep track of the books I do read and finding more, but, I will not be creating a challenge.

I found myself choosing books based on length and how quickly I could get through them, and that is not what reading is about. Though I have read some amazing books this year, and some of them do happen to be quite short (Queens Thief series i’m looking at you!) but I have probably missed quite a few brilliant longer books. After all, I loved the A Song Of Ice And Fire books, and if I had found out about them this past year I never would have read them. That would have been a damn shame. (Prediction: The Winds of Winter will be out in October).

Perhaps I will even go back through some of my favourites from over the years, and revisit some of my favourite places along the way.

Have you set yourself a reading challenge? and do you have any must reads lined up this year that I should check out? I tend to stay away from anything that has too much romance or set in too much of an ordinary world. (You can check out my favourites shelf here) But any suggestions are welcome 🙂



2 thoughts on “Why no Reading challenge?

  1. Good plan 🙂 It seriously took me months to get through ASOIAF, even though I was loving it. It’s definitely more about what you read, than how much!


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