My Favourites: Knitting

I’m going to be doing a few of these small posts every now and then. Simply about my favourite techniques, equipment or patterns in crafts I do.

Today: Knitting 

My favourite needles to use when knitting are a pair of 7mm wooden knitting needles (I may have accidently snapped one of them in half but sellotape is a godsend). And as for yarn, a soft chunky machine washable yarn like sirdar folksong is lovely. (I have recently found out they have discontinued this, I’m so sad). I found that I needed between 3 or 4 balls of this yarn to make a scarf depending on how long/wide you want it.

I’ve worked these up in to a 1×1 rib scarf, but also in a plain garter stitch scarf. To me, I think both give the right thickness and springyness I want in a scarf but also the larger needle and yarn size means it doesn’t take forever to knit up. Which is important when you don’t have much energy to spare.  And they are ridiculously soft which is always a bonus.


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