Craft Rating: Needle Felting



Energy:                                 &&&&

Dexterity:                              &&&

Difficulty starting:                 &

Difficulty continuing:             &

Cost:                                      &&



This is a very high score at four out of five, I refrained from giving it five as I took things like the fact you can do this from a bed/sofa, and you can get multiple needle tools to help out a bit. But the repetitive nature of the stabbing to felt your work, though cathartic, is quite tiring.


I’ve given this a three out of five as it can be very difficult to hold the needle felting tools but you can get larger multi needle tools which would help, but again the repetitive nature of the felting can be painful for joints/muscles.

Difficulty Starting:

I’ve given this just one out of five as it really is quite easy to get started. All you need to do is lay out the roving in the shape you want and start stabbing. (Okay so maybe a bit more technical but this is the general gist.) There are lots of videos on YouTube explaining the basics and showing you how to make simple projects. The above image is from a tutorial over at The Magic Onions for felting hearts just in time for valentines day.

Difficulty Continuing:

This is also just one out of five. I’m not saying that you can pick the most complicated idea possible and just do it, but there are lots of easy projects at each stage of learning to keep you moving forward, once you’ve got the general idea down you don’t really have much more to learn. Just practice.


I’ve only given this a two out of five here as you can get everything you need to start a project for less than £25. In fact, you could give this a go for even less by improvising some elements; you can use a washing up sponge to begin with rather than buying a needle felting mat for example. But assuming you want to buy the necessary tools to start with you would want a needle felting tool (You can get ones with multiple needles to fasten the process/save energy for £10), a needle felting mat (again about £10, you can use other things such as sponges or foam but these will wear out quickly) and the actual wool roving you will be using to create (Hobbycraft do small packs for £4 which might be a good place to start).


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