My Valentines day cards

Now I want to preface this by saying I’m not a card maker. And if you want to see some amazing card making you’d be better visiting my friends 100steps blog here, where she posts her creations. But I like to send friends cards, its always nice to get something in the post even if its very basic!

So, without further ado, here are my offerings for this oh so special day.

WP_20150201_18_03_43_Pro (2)


My efforts for valentines day this year were very woolly.

I have this basic card blank that I use for everyone’s cards (and will for a while because I bulk bought!) its a 3×3 inch thick Kraft coloured card. I bought them from hobbycraft here. I think they are great as they are thick enough not to buckle under the weight of anything you want to add and they’re just the right size for me too. Not too big that you have loads of space to fill but large enough for simple designs and writing.

I have plenty of scrap yarn going around and I love my puns so this was a perfect choice for me.

Here they are in their envelopes with my wax seal on them. I might not have added my name in the card but you’ll know they’re from me with my lovely owl in flight seal.

WP_20150206_14_21_58_Pro (2)

The middle one is being hand delivered by cupid so I was able to use my special silver crackable wax on it whereas the others had to have postage friendly wax so it will hopefully still be on there when they travel across the world.


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