Book Haul

I celebrated the end of my reading rut last week by buying four shiny new books for my to-read shelf. It was extremely difficult just to pick four, I’m sure you know the feeling.

But, I did it, and in the end I went for two fantasy and two sci fi books. They arrived yesterday after much anticipation and I thought I would share.

WP_20150217_14_59_53_Pro 2
1. The Final Empire (Mistborn Book One) – by Brandon Sanderson /Fantasy


2. Red Rising – by Pierce Brown /Sci Fi


3. Proxima – by Stephen Baxter /Sci Fi


4. Half A King – by Joe Abercrombie /Fantasy


Have you read any of them, what did you think? I’m always looking for good Sci-fi and fantasy books so feel free to recommend me some.


You can follow me on Goodreads if you want to keep an eye on what I’m reading or over on Twitter.




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