Quick Crafts 2

It feels like its been a while since my last quick crafts post, but if you want more ideas and inspiration more frequently you should check out my Pinterest, I pin lots of crafts that can be done easily and also just some inspiring colourful lovelies too. But i’ll continue to do some round ups here as Pinterest isn’t the only place I grab ideas from.

1. Crocheted buttons:

Initially, I saw these cute little things over on Running Amok with an Ax. She’s made some lovely ones that you can see in the link. But I think the image that she got inspired by was over on CraftandFun. Their website is in Portuguese, but has some nice ideas and examples, including the image I’m using here. Basically, you get some yarn and some buttons that have a large enough hole in to fit a small crochet hook and have a play.



2. Paper circle Garland:

There are a lot of different garland ideas out there, from stringing felt balls, to making paper butterflies. but I think this a great middle ground, they look striking, they’re 3D but they are also very simple to make. You can choose whatever colour scheme you like and how big to make them. I got this image from Lou & Co, they have a great photo tutorial up on their page that brings you through the process step by step. (They also have instructions there but again it’s in another language this time French.)



mobile-001-a3. Woven Paper Hot Air Balloon:

These amazing things are over at PaperMatrix. If you click on the link they have the printable design for you to cut out on paper of your choice, they also have a video tutorial but I recommend having it printed and cut in front of you while you watch it. This is probably the most complicated ‘Quick Craft’ I have linked but they have lots of other woven paper crafts on their blog as well, from hearts, to pinecones and loads of different cool shapes that are easier. These were just my favourite ones.



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