How do you store your thread?

So, I’ve recently taken up cross stitch and the handful of coloured threads I have are starting to get really messy.

What have you found to be the best way to store them? round bobbins, cardboard bobbins, flat plastic bobbins, wooden pegs? And what do you store them in?

I don’t really want another separate thing to store them in as my craft room is completely stuffed with furniture but the furniture isn’t stuffed so there’s room in cupboards and shelves but store it in what?

Any and all ideas please as I really don’t know where to start looking!



11 thoughts on “How do you store your thread?

  1. Well, I have not done CCS for a long time! I might suggest just a simple idea…use ziplock snack bags to sort by color family. Put those inside a gallon bag, for instance, to keep them all together. This will allow you to see through and find them, but not be so tangled up. The air can also be pressed out of the bags to take less space, if needed. Will also travel well in a craft bag, suitcase, etc. I hope someone has a better idea for you, but this is where I would start. Good luck!


    1. I seem to be able to tangle thread when they’re just on their own so multiple in one bag probably wouldn’t work for me. But thanks for the suggestion.


  2. I personally use the cardboard bobbins–they are pretty cost effective and you can get a lot in one pack. It takes some time to do some winding, but at least it keeps things from getting tangled!

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  3. I used to put into a ziplock bag like you too.. But then I’ve learnt it the hard way.. I’ve recently bought the thread bobbins and wind them up neatly.. Now I’ve all sort it out.. Happy stitching.. ❤️❤️

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  4. It seems bobbins are the way to go. I might invest in the flat plastic ones though as I’m sure the cardboard ones wouldn’t last long around me.


  5. I hope you’re enjoying cross stitch! I recently posted on how I organize my floss if you want to check it out at A lot of people like the bobbins, and they are nice because you can organize a lot of floss in very little space. However, I personally don’t like how the crease up the floss… plus you have to wind them. Ugh. Anyway, hope you find something that works for you. Good luck!

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    1. Ooh. I’ve never heard of stitch bows before. Just taken a look and they look like a great idea. I was worried about all the energy it would take to rewind floss to the bobbins so they would be a great energy saver. And a file could go on a shelf easily.

      Just checked out your blog as well and I love the red work quilt you’re making!


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