More than I can chew

I have always struggled with pacing. I just get really excited about things and then pacing myself goes out the window. Even when I’m really trying and think I still am pacing, i’m really not.

So, it turns out that blogging about all the crafts that I do/have done just encourages me to do more. And, well, that is a very bad idea.

At one point over the last couple of weeks I think I had 4 things on the go. After a year of slowly crocheting squares of my blanket my creativity has been let loose and I keep finding myself in minus spoons.

I have limited myself to two things. My cross stitch and sewing my blanket. (Well actually my mums been sewing my blanket up more than me but we had a mini TA DA moment this week more about that later.)

Here’s an update on how far i’ve got on my cross stitch, I’ve got a little bit further than the photograph I posted on Twitter, it now reads ‘UNBR’.


The second of the four things was playing with my knitting looms. I have now hidden them from view as they caused me to have a crash last week. I was trying out different weight yarns to see which would work best, none of them did, I’m going to need to buy a stock of super chunky when I get round to them again.

The third thing was playing with my new fuse beads (Hama/Perler beads) but I left the ironing part to mum and she hasn’t gotten round to it. But expect a post about them soonish.

And the final thing, and most importantly (here comes the mini Ta Da moment), we finished sewing together all the horizontal seams on my tunisian crochet blanket. Its actually in ONE PIECE now. It still has a lot of holes in (the vertical sides all need to be sewn up) but i can hold it up and it doesn’t have to be laid out on the floor when not working on it.

TA DA: what do you think?
WP_20150313_21_23_38_ProI’m working on a rating for cross stitch and also another chronic crafters interview with someone who does lots of jewelry, these should both be up within the next couple weeks. If anyone would like to take part in my chronic crafters interview you can get in touch with me anytime.


EDIT: I thought I’d add another update on my cross stitch as I’ve done more since I queued this post. 

I keep thinking it says umbro and that I’ve done it wrong but it’s right. 


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