First play with fuse beads

I had a play with my new fuse beads a few weeks ago, using some ideas that I had saved to my Pinterest board and others that I made up as I had a mess around. Its really easy to make up ideas and just have a good play without using much energy. So its great for when you want something to do on low spoons.

You can see what I made below. I decided to use a square peg board a it seemed to be the one that had the most designs on pinterest and a hexagon peg board because I really wanted to do that cute little turtle design.

I had other peg boards as well but decided on just these two as I didn’t want to push myself too much.

WP_20150227_21_00_53_ProI used my laptop table to hold the peg boards while I had a play, and it worked out really well as it has a little lip at the bottom to hold them in place and it meant I could do it lying down in bed and save as much energy as possibly.

After I had decided on all the ideas I moved the peg boards into the other room until the next time my mum had the iron out. I wasn’t going to be doing it and its great that you can just leave them somewhere until it’s convenient to heat them.

When my mum eventually did get round to ironing them she had a bit of trouble, she’d never done it before but also we found out that it wasn’t a good idea to put so many small designs next to each other on the peg boards as every time she moved the iron the beads jumped around a bit. Poor mum got rather frustrated!

But lesson learned and the ones that she did manage to do came out great.

IMG_3914I used a pattern for the turtle as I mentioned before and I think that came out great (But boy  did it swallow beads!) and I got the idea for the presents on pinterest too. But the blue ribbon, the heart and the balloon were things that I made by just playing with the beads on the peg boards to see what I could make. I’m planning on gluing the individual presents and the heart on to small cards, I think they would make lovely simple birthday or occasion cards. The balloon will go that way too but i’m planning on threading a piece of string through the bottom part to make it look like a balloon on a string.

I’m pretty happy about how they turned out for a first attempt even though we couldn’t manage all of them and they aren’t very evenly fused but we live and learn. And next time will be better.

What do you think I should make next time?




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