Quick Crafts: 3

1. Beaded Roses: These showed up on my feed last week from Life is Bello and I just had to share them when I saw how easy and well explained they were. So, okay you are going to need a couple of things before you can do them which isn’t what I normally pick for these quick crafts posts but they really are lovely and once you have the supplies you can make loads and loads of beautiful beaded roses!


2. Paper Flowers:

There are loads of different ways to make paper flower explained out there all over the web, but I think these are my favourite ones. You can use plain or patterned paper to make them and they’re a lot more substantial than some of the tissue paper ones that you find. I found the tutorial for these paper flowers over on PaperVine.




3. Toilet roll Owls:

I think these whacky little owls are brilliant. All you need is the inside of toilet paper and some paints or permanent markers. I found these little chaps on this site. Its all in spanish but the idea is pretty simple colour the roll whatever colour you want then fold over the tops to make the ‘ears’ and draw your lovely owls on.


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