Going on Holiday while Chronically Ill

At the time of this post being published, I will (hopefully) be on an airplane starting its decent to the canary islands and a lovely sunny holiday. I’ve queued a couple of posts up ready so that this here blog won’t go completely dead while i’m away/while i’m recovering from being away.

But, I thought I would take the opportunity to let you know some of the things I do to make sure I can enjoy a holiday away while chronically ill.

1. At the airport:

Firstly book Assistance! Even if you can walk a bit, or you can walk but it tires you out or hurts a bit. It helps so much. I know the first time I used assistance I was really self conscious of it, I’m young, I don’t look sick, but they don’t care. They’re really helpful. Airports are big places and the energy you save from not having to walk all the way to the gate or stand in a queue for ages can really make a difference. I’ve used assistance when traveling alone as well, and they pick you up from the plane and get your luggage and bring you all the way to your transport.Think about what else will help as well, personally I always book a window seat on a plane so i can lean against the side and don’t have to support myself, other people might prefer aisle seats to be able to get up move around or get to the toilet easier. Pack what you need in your hand luggage. Be that snacks to keep you going or drugs to help you.benni

2. Accommodation:

When I go on holiday I know that I might not have enough energy to get down to dinner everyday, if I have a low spoons day I don’t want to be stranded with nothing to eat. If i’m going away with other people this is less of a problem because they can wheel me in my wheelchair somewhere. But if I’m alone I need to stay somewhere with room service just in case. Think about the things you need and look for a place that will fit you. If you are worried about how far you can walk, think about whether you want to stay somewhere compact. A lot of hotels can be spread over a really big space, the last thing you want is to run out of energy on the wrong side of the resort (I know this from experience!). Hotels with taller buildings tend to have less walking involved. Or if you are thinking of self catering this might be more a, are you sure you will be able to cook everyday or do you need somewhere that has an on site cafe/restaurant. People will have different requirements but these are things to think about before you book somewhere.

3. Research

This is similar to the last point but, if you are like me, I get very anxious about going away with my illness. If you have food requirements, try emailing your hotel to find out what they can do for you or, if you are going through a travel company, their rep. Some hotels have things like menus and restaurant times on their website. Maybe take a look to see where the closest shop is if you need snacks or drinks in the room. Take a look on trip advisor and even post in the area you are thinking about forums on their website, they can be really helpful. Find out how far you have to travel from the airport and when check out is. The more things you have sorted before you leave the less energy you will lose on the journey and arriving.


Once you are there, don’t feel like you need to fit everything in! Stop and enjoy yourself, you are not going to have a brilliant time if you are pushing yourself way beyond your limits and crash. Plan maybe a couple of things you want to do, but otherwise listen to your body and rest. I go back to the same area a lot, when we first went, we found out about the local market by the seafront so my big activity that week was to go to that, the rest of the time I stayed within my limits. Now, I can’t get to that market but I still enjoy myself around the hotel by resting and enjoying being on holiday! I know there is a temptation to try to ‘make the most’ out of your time away, but the most important thing is that you are enjoying yourself not being in pain or sick and regretting it.

Are there any things that you do to make sure a holiday goes smoothly while ill?

If you have any questions let me know, I hope you are all well, and that it is currently sunny in the canary islands!


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