Easter Holidays Crafting Update

I managed to finish all of the lettering and the lower half of my cross stitch last week so I though I would share another update. There is a mistake in the spacing of the lettering (d’oh! I nearly managed no mistakes) but I don’t think it is very obvious at all so I haven’t changed it as i had done the last 3 letters before I had even realised.

I had a problem with the edges of my aida fabric fraying while i have been working on it so i wanted to tape the edges up to stop that from happening. The problem is the only tape that I could find in my house was washi tape. I did attempt to use it but it didn’t work very well! I finally got some masking tape (sent dad to the shop), and the edges are now secure.

WP_20150401_19_02_28_ProWP_20150401_19_05_53_Pro 1

So, that’s the lower half completed, i reckon i’m about half way through. I’m looking forward to starting on the sun and spear but i’m a little apprehensive about it as i’m deviating from the pattern and changing the colours round a bit. Hopefully everything will go fine there.

I mentioned in my last post that I’m on holiday at the moment. Well, I needed something easy and brainless to do while lying around in the sun/back in my room. So I looked through my yarn stash and decided that I was going to attempt the puff stitch using some variegated chunky yarn. (Its Sirdar Folkstone Chunky yarn and I’m using a 6.5mm hook) If all goes well it will be a cowl, but I’m actually not sure I have enough of this yarn to make it, but we will have to see. I might be able to find some more online somewhere if I decide I want to make it into a cowl, its been discontinued but I will cross that bridge if I come to it. I started it off before I left to make sure I knew what I was doing, but hopefully I’m a bit further on than the picture shows by now. WP_20150404_14_19_09_Pro

The only other thing that I have on the go at the moment is my Tunisian Crochet blanket that I’m sure you are all getting a bit bored of me mentioning! But all of the seams have been done! (They need to be pulled a bit tighter to make it neater but its done!) Once I get back and recovered from my holiday I will be starting to crochet a border around it but right now its sitting by the window all folded up neatly. Initially I will be slip-stitching around the whole thing in the cream coloured yarn that you can see that was used in all of the seams. Then once that is done i’m going to pick a few of the colours in the blanket to go around the edge. I haven’t decided which yet, and to be honest i’ll probably be winging it depending on what I feel fits at the time.



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