Cross Stitch Thread storage: A follow up

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post asking for suggestions and tips on how to store threads for my new cross stitching hobby. First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who replied.

I looked into all of the responses and decided on buying myself some stitchbows to store the thread. I had never heard of these before but they are amazing! I was really worried about the time and energy that I would end up using just to wind all of the threads onto bobbins but with these you don’t have to do any winding at all. You just slip the ends over the stitchbows and Ta Da done. Barely any time or energy used. I thoroughly recommend these to any spoonies out there looking for an easy solution.

WP_20150505_14_07_09_ProThe stitchbows are sold in packs of 10, I bought mine for sewandso (which is where I buy my other supplies from, they’re great) for less than £1. As you can see from the photograph above, there’s a place to hold the part of the label with the colour code on so you don’t loose it.

You can also buy plastic wallets to store them in and binders to store the wallets in. I’ve only just started in the world of cross stitch so I have decided to use the wallets to keep all of the things for individual projects together rather than keep my small collection of threads in order for now. In the first photograph below you can see that I have all of the things I need for each project kept neatly together. I haven’t bought the binder that DMC sell for these as they fit perfectly well in an ordinary binder that I am using for other craft supplies. (Although at the moment they are just sitting on the desk in my room as I quite like having them to hand.) Each storage wallet can hold 15 stitchbows of thread in, which is pretty perfect for me as the second project I have has exactly 15 colours in. The second photograph is of a full wallet with all 15 colours in. You can also see the edge of the wallet with the holes for being put in a binder. I just thought I would share incase anyone else is looking for a low energy solution because, as I said, I had never heard of them before and they were the perfect for me.






3 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Thread storage: A follow up

  1. Stitchbows are great. You can also get smaller pockets for them. They hold five stitchbows and fit in a special folder that has places for needles, scissors etc, and zips up to keep everything safe. I use mine all the time.

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