Puff stitch Cowl

WP_20150428_14_55_06_ProI managed to finish the cowl that I brought on holiday with me. Thankfully I had just about enough yarn to do it (I actually had less than a metre left which does not go very far with the puff stitch!). It’s the first time i’ve made a cowl and it’s also the first time i’ve used the puff stitch but I think it came out pretty well. YouTube is a wonderful thing!

I wanted to show you the finished piece but it left me with a bit of a problem about how to photograph the thing as laying flat it doesn’t really look like i’ve done much more than you saw in the initial photograph I shared a few weeks ago! In the end I hijacked my mum to model it for me. It’s only fair as I made it for her so  she had to do a bit of work for it.

I made it using Sirdar Folksong chunky yarn with a 6.5mm crochet hook. I think I ended up using 3 balls of it but i’m not certain as part of it was from a frogged project so it might have been closer to 4 balls of the yarn.

And here is a photograph of it laying flat on its own. It doesn’t really show the puff stitches very well, but its lovely and cozy. I’m not sure why I decided to make a thick, chunky cowl in the beginning of summer but there we go.



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