Quick Crafts: 4

1. Yarn Tassels: Kicking off the rather yarn themed craft ideas in this post, we have these lovely and very simple tassels. The tutorial for how to make them is over at My Sisters Suitcase (it’s a lovely blog with some other great craft ideas you can check out if you want to). They’ve used these by attaching the tassels to the edge of a bed but you could use them for so many different things. Your curtains need jazzing up? Done. You’ve got a cushion that could use some added fun? Perfect. Maybe even a drab lampshade that would benefit from some fun yarn tassels. The possibilities are endless.


2. Macrame Yarn Garland: The only thing you need to make this one is yarn. Lots of yarn. In any or all the colours you want, you can customise it to however you want it to look. This is from A Beautiful Mess and I might be doing this myself soon as I moving to a rented property and this will be just the thing to brighten up my new room without having to paint the walls.



3. Paper Gift Bag: I saw this tutorial over on hello sandwich which you should definitely check out. It shows you in easy steps with very clear photographs how to change wrapping paper (or a stronger paper if the gift is heavy) into gift bags. It doesn’t show you how to make handles, it suggests you buy some ready made ones from a shop, but I’m sure you could experiment with making your own.




4. PomPom Rug: This little gem is one of the ones that does need something bought in before you make it but its such a simple and lovely idea that I’m including it anyway. You can find the tutorial for this over at Say Yes. And you can find the rug canvas base at lots of craft stores, and depending on how big you want to make your rug, for as little as £10.


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