My New Blog Planner

A few weeks ago I saw a post about tips for blogging with a chronic illness over on FibroGeeks blog. And while all of her ideas were helpful tips the one that really stuck in my head was using an editorial calendar. I though, wouldn’t it be great if I could plan out when I was going to post things rather than have all these random ideas in my head and attempt to have a coherent idea of when I would publish them? And when I realised that lots of people do have a blog planner. I was a bit, well, D’oh!

I had a look around online and on mobile but I couldn’t find any digitally that I could use. A lot of the plugins for blogs seemed to be for users rather than plain old sites (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here people). And any mobile calendar apps that I tried to use just didn’t work out for me. And sure, I could just use my google calendar but I didn’t particularly want it syncing with my gmail calender and oh, so maybe I was being a bit picky! But nothing that I came across was quite right.

So, I thought, wait just a minute, why do I need to use some digital thingy that someone else has created and isn’t right for me? Answer: I don’t.

My editorial Calendar

Off I popped to Etsy and bought myself a plain monthly calendar from here. I’d bought one from here previously for real life and thought it would be the perfect option for blog life too (NB: the ones I have in these photographs don’t seem to be available at the moment but they have lots of similar ones in the shop). They do weekly calendars as well if you’re rather more prolific than I am at posting and they also do some lovely transparent sticky notes so you can write down blog ideas and move them from day to day if you change your mind about when to schedule things for.

blog planner

When it arrived I got right down to planning things out. I’ve colour coded blog topics and everything! Okay, so i got a bit excited but I really do love being able to plan things out on paper. It helps me to not panic in those moments when I think OMG I have nothing to post. So far, its all going well, and this is coinciding with my planned redesign of my blog. Which I am also very excited about. Hopefully I will get around to doing that within the next week or two.

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