Quick Crafts 5

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts so here’s another one for you all. I hope you see something you want to give a go. And if you ever see any crafts online that you think would be perfect for other chronically ill crafters feel free to let me know and I might include it in the next Quick Crafts post.

1. Easy Basket WeavingThis tutorial over on Craft Passion‘s website is a really easy way of being able to create your own woven baskets without the hassle. The basic supplies you’ll need are cardboard, some kind of twine/yarn for the actual weaving and some felt or fabric for the bottom. You can see a full list on the tutorial, which has easy to follow steps with photos as well as a printable template for all three shapes of basket.

OmbrePinecone1 (2)2. Ombre Pinecones: I love this idea, especially with Christmas coming up. We always use to have random pinecones lying around in our Christmas decorations and I think these would look brilliant in Christmas colours to add a bit of interest to any room. Be sure to give the pinecones a good clean before you start to make sure the paint stays on.

3. Crayon Candles: These are from Adventures in Making and can be as bright as you like (or maybe try a monochrome one with greys?). The tutorial has all the information you need to change those old unused crayons into lovely candles. You will need a few supplies such as wicks and wax but these should be pretty easy to get at most craft stores. Make sure you check out the comments on the page too as they suggest adding essential oils of your choice to the mixture as otherwise the candles do smell like crayons.

4. Painted Rocks: So you may have noticed no Photograph for this one, this is purely because there are so many amazing ideas for this that I would have to make a whole new post just to show you a selection of them. I don’t want to clog up this post with loads of pictures so I’ll simply link you to a pinterest search which has loads of photos for ideas. The process is get rock, clean rock, use acrylic paint as a base coat (or other primer) then go to town with your design.

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