Electronics that make my life easier

I thought I would share some gadgets and simple electronics that help me save energy in day to day life.


First up and I think the one I use the most would be these Remote Control plugs. They’re a pretty good price for what you get and it means I don’t ever have to get out of bed to turn things on and off. I currently have them connected to my heater, my fan (bloody temperature regulation) and my fairy lights/lamp. It means I can change all these things in the middle of the night too. Wake up cold? Press button to turn heater on. Wake up hot? Press button to turn fan on. The remote works through walls too and they are very easy to set up.

You can also get remote control bulbs as well. This was never previously a problem for me as in my old place I had a pulley light switch over my bed so I never had to get up anyway. But now that I have moved it is something I will be looking into. There are quite a few options out there. And some of them can be controlled using your smart phone through an app, either using bluetooth or wifi. Unfortunately my new bedroom has halogen bulbs so more investigation is needed for me.

bluetoohthhThese last two are new for me since I moved as I didn’t have need of them before. But I bought this bluetooth music receiver for my old dock which slots into where my Ipod would have gone and means that I can play music using my Ipod as a remote lying in bed and the music comes from my dock across the room.

Finmouseally for me, I have also recently bought a wireless mouse. Now this isn’t new by any means, wireless mice and keyboards have been around for ages. But for me, it means that I can play tv and movies on my computer without having to get out of bed to actually use the computer.

All of these are pretty inexpensive things (the remote control lighting can get quite expensive if you’re changing everything over to that), but they all make so much difference in saving energy for me.

Do you have any other gadgets that you use to prevent you using up energy?

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