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thememopadI want to start by saying that none of the reviews of books or films that I do in these posts will have spoilers. They are spoiler free. I probably should have mentioned that last time round.

My Month:

Towards the start of the month I managed to get out of the house and go to dinner with my Mum. It was only the restaurant across the road and she pushed me in my wheelchair, but it was quite a big deal for me, I hadn’t been out of the flat in nearly two months. That’s no odd thing for me, I go months at a time without going outdoors, but now that we have moved to a ground floor flat and I’m not stuck up a flight of stairs, it’s great to know that I can get out for something small like that every couple months. Unfortunately, Dad was ill on the day so it ended up being just me and mum (which was still lovely) hopefully we can manage all three of us at some point. I’ve also had my haircut (which I am definitely paying for, I’m still ill from the exertion), we have clippers and my mum just buzzes through my hair as quickly as she can! I have also (FINALLY) finisenchanted forest1hed the front page of my adult colouring book that I started two months ago. It’s the Enchanted Forest book and I’m using Stabilo pens. Does anyone else think calling them Adult Colouring books makes you think of something more xxx rated?

Books: 3

The Martian by Andy Weir *****

So this book has a lot of hype attached. I had multiple people telling me how amazing it was before I read it and it was pretty good. I liked it, but I don’t think it was as amazing as all that. Maybe because I was expecting it to be amazing so it was always going to have a battle meeting expectations. It just about gets a four out of five for me. If you like SciFi then I definitely recommend it.

The Dragon Stone + Return of the Dragon Riders ( Dragon Riders Saga books 1 and 2) by Kristian Alva *****

Book 1 just about scrapped a two star in my opinion but book 2 was a bit unlucky to not get three. I enjoyed reading these books but the writing isn’t the best. Dialogue was pretty dodgy at times and it isn’t exactly an original story. But it has magic, and dragons, and elves and orcs. It was enjoyable to read, I got the trilogy for 99p in the kindle store so can’t really complain.

Films: 2

The Martian *****

I watched this after I had read the book which maybe was the wrong way around to do it. I didn’t want the film to spoil the book but they left out quite a bit. I agree and understand most of the changes (the one near the end though, just why?). But for me the film just wasn’t paced right or something, I felt like it missed a lot of the tension that it should have had. Although I did think that Matt Damon did a good job of adding some of the emotion we don’t get to see in the book.

Ant Man *****

I normally enjoy Marvel films quite a bit but for some reason this just didn’t feel like a Marvel film to me. It was an enjoyable action film to watch but I didn’t like it as much as any of the other ones they have made so far. I didn’t find it as funny, almost as if it was trying a bit too hard. Still a good film just not great.

 My Songs of the Month:

I have a mammoth of a playlist on spotify that I add a few songs to every month (then listen to them on repeat) the playlist is well over 15 hours now but I thought I’d share what new songs I’ve added lately.

Blue Blood by Laurel

Poison by Rita Ora

Spinner by Revolverheld

I Can Do Anything by 3OH!3

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Hogwarts Crest SAL

SAL update time for my current cross stitch project. We share every three weeks and link to each others blogs (the links are at the bottom of this post).

I’ve been a bit panicky about finishing this cross stitch lately. For a while there I didn’t think I would manage it. I’m aiming to be finished by the middle of November so that I can package it up and ship it off to get it where it needs to go for Christmas but this last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking that maybe I should shelve it until after Christmas as if it wasn’t going to be finished in time then at least I could do some other christmassy crafts. But I had a bit of a break through last week and after spending a whole day (with rest breaks) stitching I think I might actually finish this next month!

Here’s where I was last time we shared compared to where I am nowsalsal4

I’ve managed the HOGWARTS lettering and the whole of the outline of the banner. I now only have two shades of yellow to fill out the whole of the banner. Which, admittedly, is a lot of stitches but I’m getting there. I did make another mistake though, I had made a mistake in the bottom banner and it’s two stitches narrower than it should be (One on each side as I thought I would keep it even!) but I forgot about it and when I started to stitch the top banner I counted from the bottom banner. I only realised quite a while in so I didn’t fix it, just made a minor adjustment. I don’t think you can tell though so that’s good.

I will need to order some more of one of the yellows I think. I am really hoping that by the next update I will have finished this and be ready to wrap and send it out. I will have a rather large hole in my life as by then I will have been doing this for 6 months!

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Hogwarts Crest SAL update

Time for another cross stitch update. I reckon I’m about half way through now. And quickly running out of time to finish it. I’ve put nearly every other craft on hold (although with Christmas coming this won’t last long!). Here’s where I was last time:sal3

This time I’ve very nearly finished all the crest off. Just a handful of stitches on the badger and then the four knots for eyes still need to be done. But I’ve managed to do the bottom banner and the backstitching for the words and around the crest itself. I’ve never done back stitching before and had a bit of trouble with it as I kept accidentally pulling it out as there is no way to secure the thread behind like I do with cross stitches. I got there in the end though.sal

Will be moving on to do the top banner with ‘HOGWARTS’ on next, unfortunately I think it has as many stitched in it as the whole crest so far! I’m thinking I might run out of yellow before the end but that is easily bought. It’s taken me three and a half months to get this far and I reckon I only have about one and  a half to finish it if I want to give it as a present as planned. Bit panicked here. Fingers crossed.

The others taking part in the SAL are linked below and you should check out what they have been up to on their blogs.

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