Christmas Wreath

christmas wreathChristmas is just around the corner (okay well around a couple of corners) so it’s time to start getting out all the christmas crafts and cards and presents ready to wrap. This year I’m going to try my hand at another christmas wreath. My only previous one was a very simple one where I got tinsel that looked like leaves and holly and wrapped it around a wreath and put some LED lights inside. It looked very pretty, but it wasn’t very crafty!wreath2

I’ve bought my wreath base (35cm half wreath) and I will be using up some of my stash of Chunky Stylecraft in white to wrap it. I’m slip stitching it up the back to keep it all in place. I’ve had a small test run out in the pic as you can see and it’s the look I was going for so far so good! I’m hoping to crochet some holly leaves and berries as well as mini ‘Merry Christmas’ bunting to hang through the middle. Other than that I’m sure I will have loads of ideas to try out along the way. And I’ll be posting about them here as well as showing you how the finished wreath looks at the end of it all.

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