Jessica Crafts and the Terrible Customer Service

I’ve had one hell of a month with delivery issues. Two of the worst customer service experiences that I have ever had to deal with (well okay one I had to deal with and one I left to my Dad to deal with)! I’ll just tell you about the one I had to deal with as its rather long.

So, Redbubble.

You may have heard of them, if not good, I suggest you steer well clear unless you want to take a gamble. (You feeling lucky punk?) Now, I’ve ordered things from RedBubble before and the products themselves are pretty good, but I’ve never had to deal with them as a company before and let me tell you up front, I will not ever be ordering from them again.

It’s a shame because the artists who upload their work to Redbubble are amazingly talented, but there are other companies who do a similar job and I will be using any of those before Redbubble (shops like Zazzle or SpreadShirt).

ireland hoodie1So, what happened?

I ordered a new hoodie towards the end of september, I had, after much thought, decided on an Irish Rugby hoodie as the Rugby World Cup was coming up so what better time to get one.

Well, apparently any other time.

I ordered it, picking size, colour where I wanted the design (front or back) and clicked order. I got the confirmation email telling me that my order and payment had been recieved and my item was currently in production. And then….nothing.

Now, their website says the following:

the majority of our orders will print and ship within 48 hours, an order may occasionally take up to 3 business days to produce.

and from previous experience this has been the case. So after waiting 2 weeks for my order to arrive (it also says on their website that standard shipping takes 6 days). I went to check my order online only to find out that it was still ‘in manufacturing’.

That doesn’t look good I think, so I look around their website a bit and find a way to contact them about my order. I get an automated email back saying thanks for getting in touch someone will reply to you between 6 and 24 hours. Great I think.

So I wait.

And wait a bit more.

3 days later (which I know isn’t THAT long for a reply from a company but if you tell me your going to do something you do it) I get a reply saying oh sorry, the hoodie you wanted isn’t in stock and we don’t know when it will be back in stock.

Now, call me crazy here, but if something in an online shop isn’t in stock then I would expect to be told at some point in the check out process, ideally before I’ve payed for an item. I understand mistakes can be made and maybe they hadn’t quite updated their stock (still annoying but okay I can accept that) but surely at some point in the next two weeks they should have been able to tell me this? Not wait until I got in touch with them to find out why my order hadn’t arrived in time?

At that point, I’m sure you can tell, I was rather pee’d off. But it got better. Because they gave me the option of picking another colour hoodie to have the design printed on instead so I say fine but I don’t want to have to wait another two weeks to find out this ones out of stock, I wanted it by the start of the world cup after all. They got back and said sorry about that would you like me to change your order then? At which point I asked, seeing as my hoodie was now three weeks late and the world cup started in a couple days, if they would add fast shipping onto my order for free seeing as it was their fault. Reasonable I thought.

Apparently not. They outright refused to add fast shipping to an order that was already over three weeks late. At this point I would expect most places to be trying to bend over backwards to make up for their error. Not them.

So I sit there fuming for a while, and decide that I am not up to writing a half way polite email right now, it will have to wait a couple days.

The day I was going to write to cancel my order and inform them I won’t be shopping there again, I get an automated email saying my order had been shipped. As in the original one that they failed to tell me was out of stock was now back in stock and again they had failed to tell me this. So I think fine, obviously too late to cancel, I want the hoodie, that’s the end of it. I’ll just buy from somewhere else next time.

So, it’s over right? Wrong.

I get an email the next day from redbubble asking me to reply to the previous email. Do I want the hoodie in a different colour or not?

I guess at this point I should have stopped assuming that any part of redbubble knows how to communicate with any other part and it shouldn’t have been a shock that they had no idea that my order that they were asking me about had already been shipped. But it was.


Eventually, I got my hoodie. Definitely not in time for the start of the Rugby World Cup (I had ordered it nearly a month in advance). But at least it wasn’t over yet.

I won’t be shopping there again, (I’m sorry if you only use redbubble to sell your designs, but may i suggest looking at selling them other places too?) and will be recommending to my friends that they don’t either.

Sorry for the long rant, and if you read that far, hello!

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