Quick Crafts: Christmas Card Ideas

quickcrafts cc

I wanted to make a quick crafts post for you all with ideas for easy, low spoon christmas cards. But when I started looking I found so many and most of them are pretty self explanatory that I decided to make a Pinterest board for them instead. It’s here, you don’t need to have a Pinterest account to take a look. There are loads of simple and great ideas, most of which don’t need any specialist equipment. I will probably add more as I see them so if you do have a Pinterest account then you can follow the board.

I do however have two tutorials to share with you that you can use for Christmas cards as well.

1. Washi tape tree. This is over at Ivory Bloom and is a great way to use washi tape on your christmas card without having the messy edges showing.

2. Folded Paper Christmas tree. The tutorial for this one is over at Cards and a Cuppa. This is a pretty old idea but I found the tutorial on their blog pretty easy to follow, with great pictures. They start with a circle from a die cut machine but cut yourself any size circle and it will work great, ignore the measurements if you do and just follow the general idea. These would look great on any card or gift tag.


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