Christmas Favourites

Christmas is coming and I’m getting very excited. The fairy lights are on, the tree is up and decorated, and the advent calendars are being eaten. I thought I would take the chance to share with you a few of my favourite things from this time of year.


Fairytale of New York by the Pouges (YouTube Link) because who doesn’t love pretending to br drunk and singing?

Christmas Lights by Coldplay (YouTube Link) Treads the line between sad christmas song and uplifting, has all the… christmas lights and snow you could want out of a song.

Happy that you’re here by Rizzle Kicks (YouTube Link) A much more modern song but my dad likes it too!


Love actually. 

I know loads of people don’t like this film, but for me, it’s just the quintessential British christmas film.

The Hogfather.

I love this adaptation of Sir Terry Pratchetts book, I’m planning on watching this again on christmas day when I’m recovering from unwrapping presents.

BBC Specials (doctor who/Merlin/Sherlock)

And of course Christmas day wouldn’t feel right without settling down on the sofa with family to watch a christmas special. I believe this year it’s a doctor who special. I haven’t actually watched any of this season of Doctor who. But it’s part of christmas (I’m still heartbroken by the Merlin Finale a few years ago!)


Jam tarts. My dad makes homemade jam tarts and mince pies every year for christmas and, while I’ve never liked mince pies, I hoard the jam tarts.

Chocolate coins and Terrys chocolate orange. There’s just something so christmassy about these chocolates. I don’t have them at any other time of year but they are a must to munch on over the holidays.

Cooked breakfast. I don’y normally have anything other than cereal for breakfast all year but on christmas day (and okay maybe my birthday or new years day too) i get yummy scrambled eggs, fat sausages and oven baked bread. Mmmmmm.

(Christmas dinner also gets an honourable mention I guess.)


Jam tarts a baking, Christmas tree a smelling and (normally) fire a roaring. We don’t actually have a fireplace in our new flat so for the first time we will be without a fire over the holidays. My mum is already missing it!

I would love to hear what your favourites are? Is there something you associate with christmas I haven’t mentioned?

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