Crochet Christmas Gifts

So Christmas was yesterday and everyone will have opened their presents which means I can finally show you a couple or things I crocheted as gifts this year. First up is this amazingly thick and warm slip-stitch crocheted hat. crochet hat

The pattern I used is on Ravelry for free HERE, It calls for two colours of chunky weight yarn. I used these two balls of Stylecraft that I had (I’m still on this stash busting run, GO ME!). They were 100g balls and as you can see I had loads left, definitely enough to make another hat when I get around to it. And I will, because it is a really easy pattern and wonderfully comfy when done.

Next up are an assortment of different crocheted flowers that I made into brooches for my Mum. I made a daisy last year just as something to do and she took it and started using it. She asked me for more, to brighten up her work wardrobe. So I, like the lovely daughter I am, obliged.


These are all various patterns that I mostly got from ravelry or pinterest, and some that I adapted .

The pink and purple flower is using this pattern from Ravelry.

The three middle flowers are from this YouTube tutorial. Although I start by using a magic ring and prefer to do four double crochets in each cluster rather than the three the video shows.

The bottom yellow flower is from this pattern HERE. The links on the project page don’t work but someone has very helpfully posted it in the comments.

I don’t actually remember where I got the patterns for the other two. I should have made a note of them.

Hopefully the recipients liked them.

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3 thoughts on “Crochet Christmas Gifts

      1. I already know its comfortable- I tried it on when I unwrapped it 🙂 Even though it was like, 35 degrees that day haha.


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