Happy First Birthday!

My blog is one year old today! I honestly didn’t think I’d manage to stick this out for so long. I tend to be great at starting things and giving up after a couple months. But, here we are!HAPPY1ST And I just want to say a massive thank you to all my followers, anyone who has ever commented on a post, liked a post or shared a post. It means so much to me and has always given me that little bit of encouragement that I needed to keep going. I, truly, wouldn’t have made it this far if you hadn’t.

The blog has changed a bit over the year (as blogs are wont to do), it isn’t solely a place for advice/information about crafting whilst ill. And while I still want those posts to continue, I am also happy that it has become a more personal blog for me too, for me to share things happening in my life, my crafts and the books that I love to read too.

Thank you all for being there. And I hope over the next year I get to know you all better.

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