Old years resolutions

Last year I made three new years resolutions. This was odd for me, as it’s something I never do. But it felt right. I had three things I wanted to do that year so I made them resolutions.

I’m happy to say that was mostly a success. Here’s a quick reminder of what they were (you can check out the full post here).


I’ve had 1 Litre of water everyday this year (well okay there might have been a day or two where I was traveling that I might not have) so this one is a big tick. First resolution down.

Number two was hanging in the balance there for a while but I finally finished it a couple of months ago. I did it! My blanket is complete, border and all, and you can see my post about finishing it here. Number two: CHECK.blanket

The last one is a little more difficult to quantify. The others were either yes or no but this one…

Well, my blog is still here. We just celebrated its first birthday. My twitter is still a go. But I don’t feel like I’ve really connected very well (This might just be in my head). I’ve also connected with a couple of people this year that don’t have anything to do with my blog and that’s been great. I think I’ll say I haven’t failed this one but this will be more of ongoing thing. I’ve made progress but I have to keep going.

As for this year, I really don’t have any idea about resolutions or goals unlike last year where they jumped out at me. And instead of plucking things out of the air that I won’t keep I’m not going to do any.

Sure there are things I’d like to do but none that have any time limits.

Do you have any resolutions this year and how did you do with any you set last year?

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2 thoughts on “Old years resolutions

  1. Awesome that you’ve made progress on your final resolution as well, keep going! 🙂 There is such a sense of satisfaction when you tick off the accomplished goals.
    I know of a really good book by Nicholas Boothman called “How to make people like you in 90 seconds or less”. Long title but the book has some really great tips and tricks to socially interact with people. It is both fun and engaging, you should look it up 🙂

    P.s. Your Tunisian crochet blanket is gorgeous! The edging especially is really beautiful ❤

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