Crafts since Christmas

It seems like I’ve been up to my neck in crafts this last month.

At christmas my lovely aunties bought me a yarn winder and a needle felting kit. I’ve never used either before so I was very excited. Unfortunately, recovering from christmas has meant I have had to ration my energy even more than usual.yarn cakesI have used the yarn winder on a few small balls of yarn. It makes lovely soft, neat cakes. But I haven’t gotten around to using the needle felting kit yet. Mainly because my dad mentioned the other week that mum could use a laptop cover and could I crochet her one. Well, I got a bit carried away (what else is new) and decided I was going to venture into the unknown of tapestry crochet and make one that way. Now obviously like everything else, this is going to take me ages but I’m about a third way through at the moment and I think its quite good for a first attempt at colourwork.tapestry1

And then there was the big impulse buy that wasn’t an impulse buy. Huh? I here you say. Well I mentioned in the memo pad last week that I bought a new toy. A Silhouette Portrait Cutting Machine. Now, a cutting machine is something I’ve been thinking about on and off for at least a year, if not two. Pretty much since one of my best friends mentioned they had one. But every time I think about it and look into it I think nah, it’s expensive I don’t need another crafty thing that I’ll never get around to using. In short, I’ve always managed to convince myself not to buy it. Well, I failed at that this time around and the result is a dent in my bank account. It’s a very pretty dent though.wonderfulworld

So the first thing I did when it arrived was make some birthday cards which I won’t show you because they haven’t been received yet. But I also bought a pen adapter for the cutting machine that means instead of cutting it can draw. As soon as I got it I had another play and I can show you that. I used a plain old bic biro and a black sharpie I had lying around for it. They both worked brilliantly and I can’t wait to do more.

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