Cross Stitch Bookmark (SAL)

Just a little update on my bookmark. I have finished all the stitching needed. I will obviously have to stitch it together with some backing but the actual pattern is finished.

I’m not very happy about the colours but then that will teach me to wing it. I knew the pattern called for three yellows and I started with the lightest then realised after I’d done most of that colour that it was suppose to be the darkest and had to try to find two lighter yellows in my stash. It hasn’t worked out great. And I didn’t like the brown colour the backstitching was suppose to be in so turned it to gold but I’m still not sure about it. But it was a learning experience and this was never going to be perfect.

Also I think the pattern must have been on smaller count fabric as this is pretty large for a bookmark and I left the bottom of the pattern off too. There are suppose to be two more stars underneath the moon but I ran out of the medium yellow and like I said it was already starting to get a bit large.

I’m looking forward to turning it into a bookmark  with some felt backing and maybe a bit of card inside. Who knows I might add a shiny white ribbon to the bottom too!

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