Valentines day cards

There’s lots of complaints about Valentine’s Day being a commercial holiday but, for me, it’s simply an excuse to make and send wonderfully bad punny cards to my friends. Let them know I care and that I’m hilarious. Because I am you know.  Anyway. This year I was able to make them using my silhouette cutting machine. I’m still in the very early stages of playing with my new toy but these were cards 3,4 and 5 that I’ve made with it now. And the first time I’ve used the pen attachment to make it write as well as cut.


I used a black sharpie marker for the outside of these two cards (they’re the same design) and I think it was a bit too thick for what I had in mind but it worked okay. Whereas the inside was a black bic which isn’t really highly pigmented enough. I used a Harry Potter font on the inside for the ‘you’re a keeper’ part and think it looks very nice. lessons are continuing to be learnt and they were fun to make.


The last card I made was this one which turns out to be my favourite so far. Typical that I’d already made the others and my best was last. The white cut out of the deer is also stuck inside the card but I haven’t got a picture of it unfortunately. Just know that it was very pretty if I do say so myself!

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