Finished Bookmark (SAL)


So it’s time to show you all my first finished cross stitch of the year.


Okay, so obviously the stitching at the top is VERY messy but I’m quite happy with the rest of it. I did the other three sides wrong sides together then turned it right way out so the stitching is on the inside and looks nice and neat. Unfortunately, because the felt I used was too thick, it was just impossible to hold both the felt folded over and the cross stitching fabric folded over and still keep any semblance of neatness. Hand stitching through four layers of fabric is not a great idea.

I’m hoping that the next project I will do is one I have designed myself. It will be the first time I make my own pattern so I’m excited about doing that. Fingers crossed it all goes well.

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These are the others taking part in the three-weekly Stitch-A-Long and you should check out their links to see what awesome projects they’ve been up to.

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