Mini Cards, Dentists and Comfort Reads

I’m recovering well from my tooth extraction. Not much pain, just general ill feeling from my chronic illness rather then the dentist itself. I had queued up lots of books to read on my kindle to keep me distracted. In the end I only read one and ended up reading Harry Potter fanfic all week.

It seems to be my default for when I’m not well. All things Harry Potter. I put the films on in the background and I snuggle down in my duvet and read long, brilliantly written fanfic. I guess those books I had ready will just have to wait for some other time.

As I was recovering my to-do list for my one computer day a week was getting longer and longer. And when I finally managed to get back on the laptop it was task after task.

I did manage to make these. I’ve been getting little off-cuts of coloured paper as I have to cut the paper inserts down to fit the cards I put them in. I decided I wanted to use them for something as I HATE wasting them. The paper is so pretty!

Solution = Mini Cards.


I’m thinking they’ll make really pretty tags for a present (hence the small hole on each of them). They’re only 2 x 2 inches. So small!

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