Fathers Day and Cards Galore


Happy Fathers Day! A little late, I know. But I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, whether you were celebrating fathers day or not.

Here’s a card I made for my dad. If you hadn’t guessed, he likes minions!

He was suppose to get a crocheted scarf too but that was not anywhere near finished. It is coming along, just very slowly! I’m sure I will post about it once it’s done.

I’m also going to use this post to show you another card I’ve recently made which is available (or will be within the next week or two once I’ve recovered from my birthday) on my Etsy shop: Blue Gecko Crafts.damnyougotold

These two are for my cousins. We all have birthdays within a couple weeks of each other and I still don’t understand when we stopped being kids because apparently we’re all adults now.

Like all the cards that will be in my shop, people can choose the insert colour of their choice (I think there are about 12 to choose from).

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Happy Birthday to me

Its been a bit of a busy week here. Last Monday was my birthday. I’ve made it another year. Woo! Go me!13418972_10153687186683506_194757055526032898_n

Two days before, on the Saturday, my parents brought me to a craft store for a shopping spree as a birthday present. It was great to get out (I hadn’t been out of the house for almost two months so it was about time for another excursion) and the craft store was absolutely jam packed with stuff. The craft store also had a small section of fancy dress and I was drawn to the crown. Which very nearly got bought so I could wear it around the house. But alas, it was not to be.

I ended up mainly buying some fabric. Who knew it was so expensive?! Well, I didn’t anyway. I got three different ones, which you can see in the photo below. A cream with black butterflies and a matching fabric: a navy with cream butterflies. I also got a plain cheaper beige material. I’m hoping to get my sewing machine out and try to make some bags. First we’ll have to check that the sewing machine works as it hasn’t been used for years and even then, I bought it just before I got too ill to use it so its only ever been used to make some seat covers. Looking back now I think I should have bought some lining material rather than using one of the expensive fabrics for the lining too. Anyone have any good online fabric shops that they buy from to recommend? I’ve never done this before so all help is welcome! I bought one metre of each of the roll so they are 1×3 metres. How much would you expect to pay for that? It probably doesn’t help that I can’t tell you what the fabric is!


I also got an assortment of other presents, a couple of double ended tunisian crochet hooks, a couple of pens, some paper, some samples of heat transfer vinyl that could be used to adorn the bags if they ever get made. I also got a lovely surprise of a BB8 drone from my brother. Its great fun although when it went to explore my room it kept getting decapitated as it seemed to love zooming underneath my chest or drawers!

WP_20160613_17_22_05_ProAnd speaking of surprises: a friend sent me a massive (and when I say massive think lifetime supply) of american pancake mix!

She’s american and the other week we had gotten into a discussion about food, as you do. I may have mentioned pancakes as dessert and how we don’t have american pancakes over here and a week later I opened a birthday parcel and TA DA! Lifetime supply of american pancakes! Guess what I’m going to be eating this weekend? I think I’m probably a little over excited but I can’t wait! It was an amazing surprise.

Overall, I had a pretty great birthday, lots of lovely cards (and some I’m still looking forward to getting from far flung places) and lovely presents. I’m definitely paying for the good times though, as I’ve been knackered all week but there has been plenty of football to watch in bed so that’s kept me occupied.

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SAL update

After my rather disastrous update last time, I am very happy to say that my new project is going much better (so far!).

Again, it’s a pattern I’ve designed myself.It will say: “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious” which is a quote by Einstein.passionatelycurious sal

Funny story time.

I’ve had the idea for this pattern in my head for quite a while now, I knew what it looked like, planned it out, designed it. Originally, it had a half eaten apple at the bottom of the quote. Why? Well, for some reason I had got it in my head that Einstein was the apple guy. You know the apple falls on his head, oh look gravity. Only that’s pretty silly because I KNOW that was Newton but it wasn’t until I had the pattern printed out and my fabric ready in my hoop that I had that realisation!

Oh well, at least I hadn’t stitched the apple yet! It’s a shame because it was a really nice apple but the pattern now has an open book at the bottom of it which is much more fitting.

I’m stitching this on 14 count Aida, and after using the 22 count for the last project it feels huge!

The other lovely folks taking patt in this SAL are linked here:

Avis / Claire / Gun / Carole / Kate  / Wendy / Lucyanne / Sue / Constanze / Debbie

You should check out what they’re stitching..

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Outings and Occasions

The weather around here is finally starting to pick up which means we managed to have our first BBQ of the year last weekend!

The weather wasn’t perfect. It was very windy and quite foggy it the rain stayed away so i call that a success. 

It really is so lovely to be able to sit outside and watch the sea while we eat. A little slice of paradise. I smell of smoke now but it was so totally worth it.


In other news, it’s my birthday in just over a week and I’m really hoping to be able to get out of the house and go to the craft store. I still haven’t been and I’ve been living here for 10 months now!

If I manage I sense a bit of a spending spree. Wish me luck!

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