Fathers Day and Cards Galore


Happy Fathers Day! A little late, I know. But I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, whether you were celebrating fathers day or not.

Here’s a card I made for my dad. If you hadn’t guessed, he likes minions!

He was suppose to get a crocheted scarf too but that was not anywhere near finished. It is coming along, just very slowly! I’m sure I will post about it once it’s done.

I’m also going to use this post to show you another card I’ve recently made which is available (or will be within the next week or two once I’ve recovered from my birthday) on my Etsy shop: Blue Gecko Crafts.damnyougotold

These two are for my cousins. We all have birthdays within a couple weeks of each other and I still don’t understand when we stopped being kids because apparently we’re all adults now.

Like all the cards that will be in my shop, people can choose the insert colour of their choice (I think there are about 12 to choose from).

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