Summer Days and Scarfs

It seems like summer has finally arrived here on Guernsey. We’ve had a lovely week or two of sunshine (okay so there were showers and fog and cloudy days but mostly sunshine). I’ve been making as much out of it as possible. For my chronically ill self that means lying outside for a little bit on the sunny days and reading. Although this did have to take a backseat for a while after a particularly sunny day where I managed to get a bit of sunburn on my shoulder. The book I was reading was just a little bit too engrossing!

We’ve also managed to have a couple of BBQs over the last few weeks too. I’m not sure if i mentioned but we got a new mini BBQ last month. Previously we had just been using those small disposable ones. Our new BBQ looks a bit like a cauldron out of harry potter or WP_20160625_17_55_49_Prosomething but after a bit of a false start (we didn’t put enough charcoal in the first time) it’s working fine.


BBQs are my domain. They are pretty much the only time I ever cook/make anything as I just don’t have the energy to stand in the kitchen but sitting on a sunlounger next to my cauldron BBQ while everyone else runs in and out getting all the supplies is something I can do. The view isn’t bad either!

This latest BBQ was a bit more difficult than normal though as we put too many firelighters in and it was just way too hot. It even threw a piece of coal at my bare foot which hurt but, I guess, lesson learnt!

In the  times when I haven’t been outside enjoying the sunshine and warmth I’ve been inside crafting. What’s the most sensible thing to craft while it’s really hot? A winter scarf of course! I’ve been crocheting my dad a scarf on and off for the last couple of months. It did start out as a fathers day present but fathers day came and went (oops) and it still wasn’t done. Well, I finally finished it last week AND I’ve managed to get my dad to model it for me.IMG_4297

It’s crocheted in aran yarn using a 6mm hook in linen stitch. It’s a pretty basic scarf but it’s quite soft for crochet. I always find crochet a little bit too knotty when it comes to things like scarfs but this stitch is my favourite so far (other than tunisian crochet which is so much softer).

I really need to get back to crocheting a little more frequently as its become really painful. I’ll crochet a bit then later that night my wrist or my elbow will just not like me at all and I’ll spend the night in agony. I don’t want to loose the ability to crochet, I’ve already lost the ability to knit. Chronic illness can be so unfair!


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