Adventures in sewing

Following on from my birthday post about visiting the craft store: I’ve finally cut up some of the material to make a lined tote bag. Okay, so there’s still a couple of pieces left to cut (the straps) but it’s mostly done. I’m going to be following a pattern that was free on Craftsy. It looks pretty simple so hopefully nothing will go wrong. The pale butterfly fabric  below will be the lining and the outside will be the plain cream and the dark butterfly fabric. I’m excited to see how it goes. Although it will probably be a while before I make it as I have to recover from the cutting. IMG_4282

I also have a question for any of you sewers out there.

I would really like to be able to change some old pajama bottoms into shorts that have elasticated cuffs (I’m not sure what to call them). The greeny pajamas below are ones I actually wear, they’re often sold as lounge pants I think and the bottoms are elasticated. The white owls pair are an old pair that I would like to make into shorts that would have the same kind of cuff at about knee length.IMG_4289

So, my question would be how do I do that?

Are there some instructions I could look up or anyone able to give me some place to start? I’m assuming I’d need to buy some kind of elastic but other than that I have no idea what techniques I’d need to use. The only thing I’ve ever done is sew two pieces together in a straight line! So any help would be appreciated.

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7 thoughts on “Adventures in sewing

  1. Cut off the pyjama pants legs about an inch and a half longer than you want the finished legs. Turn up a generous double hem and stitch it down all the way round except for about an inch and a half on the inside of the leg. Take a piece of wide elastic (say half an inch wide, or just slightly smaller than the hem you’ve turned up) and slightly longer than you want the cuffs to be (rather than the size the cuffs are now). Anchor one end to the pants leg above the gap in the hem using a safety pin. Put another safety pin in the other end of the elastic, and use this to feed the elastic through the channel until it comes out at the other end. Overlap the ends of the elastic and stitch through to secure. Close the rest of the hem. Repeat on the other side. Hope this helps!

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