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I got tagged to do this by the lovely Emma (You can see her having a go at it here). What we have to do is pick five books that are sitting on our TBR piles and read the first chapter of each to see if they are something that you would want to keep reading. And, as Emma guessed, I do have a ridiculous amount of books on my TBR. So, here goes.

It actually took me so much time to choose which five books to do for this. I decided not to pick anything that I’ve only added in the last couple of months and instead dived in to some of the books that have been stewing there for a while. These are my five:


Smilers Fair by Rebecca Levene

This is a book that I’ve heard mentioned a lot. It always comes up on book recs and suggestions for me on literally every book related website (which I’m getting a little annoyed at now) so I think I should finally give it a go. The first chapter was a prologue (set, I’m assuming, quite a few years before the main story) which makes it kind of difficult to tell if the rest of the book will be the same but it definitely made me want to read more.

Geek Games by Margaret Fieland

Straight away I can tell you this is one, at least, that I can knock off my TBR. I didn’t get the feeling it was very well written and maybe a chapter is a little quick to judge but I didn’t much like the characters or their motivations either.

I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

This one is something outside my normal genre. I read a lot of scifi and fantasy, and while I’m fine with that (why not stick to things you enjoy reading the most?), every now and then its good to find a book thats compleyely different but still interests me enough to give it a read. I did like this first chapter quite a lot. We get introuduced to Noah, who’s shy, loves to draw and gets bullied quite a bit and also his twin sister Jude, who’s outgoing and popular. I liked them both and I’ll probably keep reading this at some point.

Dune by Frank Herbert

This is one of those books that everyone always says is amazing. It’s a must read if you read scifi which is why it was on my TBR to begin with. The reason I hadn’t read it up till this point is that it’s one of those scifi books that gives the impression there are a lot of made up words. I don’t like books that make me reread every sentence three times to work out what it means. Maybe I’m lazy but the extra work is just too much for me ( A Clockwork Orange was the same for me). Unfortunately, Dune was exactly how I was expecting it to be. Maybe it gets better but I can’t see myself reading this one. I just don’t understand why authors throw so many made up words at people in the first chapter.

Sister Sable by T. Mountebank

This one isn’t really split into chapters so I read the first few pages. It started in a separate POV and it’s kind of difficult to tell exactly what the story is from this but it sounds exciting (someone is on the run) and it seems really well written. Actually, while I was getting the sample chapters for this I realised it was only £1.60 on kindle so I bought it…. I guess I’ll definitely be reading this one then!

Anyone read these books?

I’m not going to tag anyone directly but I would love to know if you do this so that I can take a look at your picks.

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