Starting to Sew

After a rather drawn out saga with my sewing machine I finally got around to using it.

Rewind over a year to the last time I tried to use it and it didn’t work: My aunt ‘fixed’ it. Now, don’t laugh. But apparently we’d put the bobbin in wrong. No one has ever shown me how to do it and it wasn’t in the instructions (it shows how to thread it and very helpfully says ‘put the bobbin in’).

Well now I know, there’s a notch that you can’t see unless you turn your machine on its side or get on the floor so your level with it. It slots in there. Right. Problem solved.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I got my sewing machine out again as I have the space and, I think, energy to give it a go and lo and behold it doesn’t work.

My aunt visited the other week and she fixed it again (thankfully it wasn’t the same thing – some thread had got tangled around the innards of my machine).

So here we are. Finally a little bit of sewing! It’s only a couple of seams. But I can only manage about ten minutes before I’m drained and in pain. But yay!wp_20160912_17_03_32_pro

In case you’re wondering about the ball of yarn, I’ve found that the band around it makes a prefect pin cushion! And this particular ball was probably cheaper than a real pincusion too!

You can probably also see that none of the pieces I’ve done so far have been pressed. But I’m waiting for my mum to do them. I’m terrified of irons, but my illness has given me loads of valid excuses for why I’m not to do it. I can’t pick up something that heavy for example. I don’t have the energy to spare. I’m also very bad at noticing danger, I mean the idea of leaving something burning hot near me is terrifying (weirdly I have no qualms about a sharp needle going a hundred miles an hour millimetres from my fingers).

I’d previously cut all the material out for a lined tote bag. Which was tiring in itself (also, those pins are damn sharp, I kept forgetting about them and smoothing the fabric with my fingers straight into them). I was just using a pair of fabric scissors but I didn’t want to shell out on a rotary cutter and mat if it turned out using a sewing machine was more than I could handle.

I’ve since had a little look online, because I really do think it would use a lot less energy for me than scissors, and I have no idea where to start.

I don’t really want one where you have to squeeze something down for the blade to work as my hand would cramp within about ten seconds. I was looking at this one:71uvgtnih3l-_sx425_

I like that it has a covered handle as I’m sure my grip will slip. Only problem is some of the reviews are pretty bad saying that it breaks easily. Do any of you lovely folks have a recommendation for rotary cutter?

Also, did I mention those fabric pins are sharp!

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9 thoughts on “Starting to Sew

  1. I had a Fiskars rotary cutter but it just didn’t feel “right” in my hand – I’m left handed so maybe that had something to do with it. I use an Olfa rotary cutter now which I like because I can lock it to prevent the blade from being exposed when it’s not in use.

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  2. I have a fiskars along with a clover and something else, and I liked it fine for my right hand. Do keep your instructions or packing so when you change the blade, you remember how to put it together. I got things turned around, and it took me awhile to get things in the right order again. 😉

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  3. Welcome to the “why won’t my machine work correctly” club. Many an hour has been spent, rethreading, etc, only to reslise I needed a new needle. There are several things that catch us all out. I dont like my iron left on either. Happy sewing

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