Guest Posts, Spending Sprees and Chocolate

I want to start by mentioning that I’ve done a guest post over on THIS blog. It was really fun to do and if you wanna know about me, my crafts, my writing, my favourite books then your should check it out. It was really fun to write and while you’re there you should take a gander around the rest of the blog.

Before I go on to tell you about my spending spree (which I guess I’m trying to avoid talking about) I wanted to mention a discovery that I’ve had recently. It involves chocolate bars. More specifically, an amazing one called a Moro bar. Now I was in love with these as a child. My aunt from Ireland always use to send us them because they don’t sell them in the UK. One of the many things I’m annoyed about (ice cream sandwiches anyone?). But the other week (after well over a decade) I found out that apparently there is an equivalent, it’s just branded differently.SONY DSCEnter Boost.

So obviously, I immediately sent out my dad to buy me one. He came back with a pack of mini boosts but these weren’t very good. (Are mini versions ever as nice?) The proportions were all off. I even ate one that had no biscuit in at all! So while it was technically the same thing as a Moro bar I couldn’t tell if it was as good.

I’ve finally had a full sized Boost bar (okay so I had half as I split it with my dad) and I can say it is the same thing. But, my verdict is that it’s not as nice because Irish chocolate is just nicer.


Right, enough avoiding.

Do you ever get those weeks where you just want to buy everything? Well I had one of those weeks last week and unfortunately I wasn’t very good. It started by my new foray into using vinyl in card making. I decided to try a new brand of vinyl that was better value than the sample pack that I’d been using till now. wp_20161007_15_24_45_proUnfortunately, after I’d gotten some black vinyl I thought wouldn’t it be great if I could get gold. And oooh, Green and red would be good for Christmas stuff too….

Well it turned out they had 20% off if I bought three rolls so that’s what I did. Whoops. But no, it didn’t stop there. I decided now would be a good time to buy more thick card to make my new Christmas ideas with. So that order went in as well. I’ve spent too much money this month and I’m probably going to need to buy some more cross stitch stuff soon too. Oh and some batting for my quilting…and some more fabric for a christmas present…. eeek.

Hopefully I’ll at least have some lovely new Christmas cards and Christmas tags going up in my shop over the next few days.

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8 thoughts on “Guest Posts, Spending Sprees and Chocolate

  1. Oh oh have you seen the gold foiling machines Hobbycraft have started selling? I want one soooo bad. You can print off your own designs then add gold foil on top. But it only works with laser printers not inkjet.


    1. Oh? I haven’t seen those. Not sure I should look either haha. I know there are ways to use gold foil with the silhouette. But they’re a little convoluted and I don’t think you could do any delicate lettering on it really. I’ve not tried though.


      1. Yeah the machine is quite expensive, especially if you need to buy a printer as well, that was the reason I didn’t get one. But apparently because it has something to do with the toner melting and sticking to the foil you can get the same effect with a laminator.

        They also do a small pen version which would be really good for small details but because you’re doing that by hand it wouldn’t work so well with lettering. Unless you wanted a hand lettered effect.

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