Crafty Update

After feeling like I never get anywhere with my crafts I actually have some things to show you all.img_4418

It was one of my best friends birthdays this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I was going to show you her present but I’m not sure its gotten to her yet and I don’t want to spoil it. Sending things to the other side of the world takes a lot longer than I would like. But I can show you the card I made her.

It’s probably the most complicated card that I have designed and made since starting this card making lark. But I’m really pleased with how it came out and I hope she loves the punnyness and its random harry potter reference. Owls are awesome.

(edit: It had gotten to her! Yay! So here it is.

It’s the first time I’ve ever really made anything with my sewing machine and the first time I’ve followed a pattern. I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I used scissors to cut the pieces of fabric and made quite a hatchet job of it meaning the seams probably aren’t great as its difficult to seam straight when the edges aren’t straight!

It’s ridiculously hard to get a good picture of a bag. There’s a little pocket inside, the bottom is boxed and it’s fully lined in the pale butterfly fabric. )
I’ve made a little progress on my mums lap blanket. It’s going to be a Christmas present so hopefully I’ll have plenty of time to finish it. I am starting to worry I’m going to run out of some of the colours before the end as I’m using up stash yarn for this. But if some of the colours get a little more sparse by the end then I’ll just say its a design feature.

img_4585It’s working up quite quickly which is such a change from my Tunisian blanket. I know this is a hell of a lot smaller but still, I’m pleasantly surprised. Maybe I should make more lap blankets! I don’t manage much crochet nowadays as there is so many different things I’m doing but this is nice a relaxing. I don’t have to think about it as the pattern is really easy so whenever I have a magical day where I’m not doing anything else I’ll do a few rows of this.

I’ve also been focusing on trying to get some more cards up in my online shops. This is a pack of 3 greetings cards for £4. The vinyl is a really lovely glossy gold which I’m not sure I’m doing justice in the photos.

I’ve been working on Christmassy things. Tags and cards. Which are also up in my shops. I’m sure I’ll be adding some more Christmas cards too as we get nearer but I can’t guarantee it as I have presents to make as well.

So as for the actual shops. I’m on etsy at Blue Gecko Crafts so if you have an etsy account you should check me out there and favourite the shop if you want to see new stuff going up (or simply to support me and I’ll love you forever).

My other online shop is at Conscious Crafties.

Conscious crafties is a selling platform for people who live with chronic illnesses, disabilities or carers of those who do. So by buying something through there you’ll not only be supporting me but the community too. You don’t have to sign up or anything so if you don’t have an etsy account this one will be easier for you.img_4510

There are a handful of cross stitch designs up on my etsy shop as well. All of the designs I’ve been stitching in my stitchalong posts this year are my own designs and are up there, including my latest one. I have lots of designs planned but these are slower to go up as I want to test each design myself to make sure there are no mistakes and it takes me quite a long time to cross stitch things due to illness. These will all be available through conscious crafties soon but I haven’t gotten around to it yet as the process for selling digital items isn’t as clear cut.

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