How are my NaNoWriMo goals going?

WHOA! We’re half way there.

WHOA! Living on a prayer.

Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear.

WHOA, living on a prayer.

– Bon Jovi

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about why I decided to take part in nanowrimo for the first time (November is national novel writing month where people attempt to write 50,000 words in a month). I was only going to do one post but it got long so I’ve split it into two and this one will be about what I hoped to manage and the goals I set myself going into November. It’s the midway point so what better time to check in.


I’ve never done nano before. The most I’ve ever managed to write in one month is about 8.5k words. Which was an amazing achievement for me considering I wasn’t writing at all last year. Going in to nano I didn’t have very high expectations. I never set my sights on winning (which is what we call it when you manage the 50,000 words). I wanted to write at least 10k. I knew if I managed that much I, at least, wouldn’t be too disappointed. But my ultimate word count goal was 20k. I thought that would be pretty amazing but I was desperately trying not to think about achieving that much so that I wouldn’t be disappointed when I didn’t get to that lofty target.

Away from word count there was a certain point in my story that was an even higher goal. I mentioned in my previous post that I’m using nano to do a kind of prequel of short stories for my main story idea as I wanted to get to know the eight main characters that make up the crew of the airship that they’re on. Well the point I set myself was to get to the introduction of character number 4. About a third of the way. Now if I thought 20k was going to be pretty difficult, I was certain this wouldn’t be possible but we have to aim for something.

So they were my goals going in, now to what I’ve actually managed so far.

I can officially say that at half way (day 15) I have managed: 25k!!!

And that’s actually disappointing because I had to take three days off because I got ill and was throwing up/not sleeping. I actually can’t quite believe how much I’ve done. I’m so proud of it! Not sure I’m proud of the actual writing as I’m trying not to think about that but hopefully it’s not too bad. If I look back all is lost.

As far as my plot goal is going well, unless something else goes horribly wrong, I think I’ll get that too. I’ve currently written 7 chapters (oh yeah and those short stories ended up merging into one coherent story, whoops) and little Noah (character number 4) will get introduced in chapter 9. Having done 7 chapters in two weeks I’m pretty sure I’ll manage two in the next two weeks.

It is all getting that bit more difficult as it goes on though. While I do know what happens, I’ve now passed the point where I’d prewritten it in my head. So scenes are now ‘this happens and they have a conversation about this’ rather than knowing exactly how something happens and exactly what is said which makes writing slower as I have to keep stopping the train and desperately laying track in front of me to keep going.

Life is also getting more hectic. I’ve run out of scheduled blog posts (hello everyone!), Christmas is coming and presents need to be bought and made and Christmas cards need to be made and written. Everything will need to be wrapped and posted…. Basically I’m definitely thinking I won’t manage to repeat my word count in the second half of the month. But so long as I finish chapter 9 I’ll be happy. And I’m so glad I took part in nano for the first time even if it was so daunting to begin with.

Also. I miss reading!!!!

So how about everyone else? If you’re taking part in Nano how are your goals going and if you’re not then what have all you lovely people been up to while I’ve had my head down swiping furiously on my phone?

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