I’ve seen this hashtag floating around the chronic illness community on twitter and I have to say it made me laugh. But it also got me thinking.

When I’m having a flare and feeling more ill than normal, TV is definitely a retreat for me. I’m not someone who watches that much. I tend to watch an episode or two of a new show and then never watch the rest, even if I think it’s a really good show (Lucifer and Da Vinci’s Demons are two that spring to mind). So when I’m feeling rotten, I tend to go back and rewatch some of my favourites, whether it be from the start or a particular episode that I feel like watching. I thought it would be fun to share my Top Ten TV Shows for Rotten Days and I’d really like to know which shows you turn to when you need a pick me up too (whether you’re chronically ill or not). Stick to TV shows though as I’m definitely going to do another #netflixandill post at some point aimed at movies soon.


The Great British Bake Off –bakeoff

So this is one is that’s only just finished but its one of the only TV shows that I actually follow week by week on the day it airs on TV. It’s a baking show (obviously). I’m going to include all the spin offs as part of this same one (so that includes The Great British Sewing Bee, The Great British Pottery Throw Down and GBBO: Creme De La Creme). These are just feel good TV and I always really look forward to watching them. (Mega sad at the recent news about this show)

I’m not going to pick a favourite episode but I will say I enjoyed GBBO: Creme De La Creme even more than the original bake off. Watching professionals lose it is even more fun.


Silent Witness –624

This is the only other TV show that I actually watch on the day if not exactly as it airs on TV. It’s also really good for going in and rewatching favourite episodes. For those of you who don’t know what this is I’d say it’s kind of a mix between Bones and CSI but very much more British. All the episodes are two parters that air on consecutive days so it’s like watching a movie.

Favourite two parter: Season 16 Episdoes 1 & 2

Reason: This was like a new start for silent witness with new characters coming in (Note: a disabled character played by a disabled actor that isn’t treated any differently. Win) and its a brilliant place to start if you’ve never watched silent witness before.


Dance moms –

So this is a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s a reality TV show that follows a group of girls dancing in an elite competition team. When the show starts I think they’re age 6-12. I love watching them learn the dances and compete. I don’t like the drama the mums always make but then I guess that is the name of the show. It’s definitely easy to get favourite episodes too and going back and watching season one to see how cute and tiny they used to be is also hilarious.

Favourite episode: Season 5 Episode 23.

Reason: Mackenzie is my favourite.


Game of Thrones –

I’m going to start by saying I haven’t watched season 6 yet and so far have managed to avoid most spoilers so please no spoilers in the comments. This is also the reason why this one had no picture because I am NOT typing Game of Thrones into google. That way spoilers lie. The only reason I haven’t watched season 6 is because I’m waiting for the book (Please by soon. Please be soon). I don’t think I need to explain what this show is about. But I love going back and watching whatever episode I feel like. I absolutely love the books and the TV show’s not bad.

Favourite episode: Season 4 Episode 1

Reason: Pedro Pascal as Oberyn is perfect.


Greys Anatomy –

This is my favourite medical drama (Another medical drama to note would be casualty and I’ve started to watch Chicago med as well and so far so good) Greys is currently at 12 seasons so plenty of episodes to dip in and out of. There’s plenty of different characters so even if you find some characters or storylines annoying (*cough* Izzy *cough*) theres still plenty to enjoy.

Favourite Episode: Season 8 Episode 9

Reason: I love the friendship between Alex and Meredith and any episode that shows this is a good one for me. (also most of the season finales are pretty good telly).



In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name – Merlin. (I think that intro might be seared into my brain for the rest of my life)

I want to say season 1 – 4 because I’m still mad about the last season. But Merlin is a fanatically sarcastic kid and this series is just brilliant. Magic, fighting, friendships and legends. BBC at its best.

Favourite Episode: Season 1 Episode 5: Lancelot

Reason: Er.. Lancelot? Although Episode 1 is highly sarcastic and I love it.


Doctor who:

Specifically the ninth and tenth doctors. I don’t really rate it anymore, I stopped watching at some point during the eleventh doctor. Not because of him but I think the writing has definitely gone down hill unfortunately. Still these few seasons were pretty amazing.

Favourite episode: I’m going to pick one for each.

Ninth: Run – Season 1 Episode 1. Reason: Because this is where it all started for me.

Tenth: Midnight – Season 4 Episode 10 Reason: Sometimes great Sci fi strips everything back and makes it psychological. This whole episode is set in one room and it’s awesome.



No I don’t mean the David Attenborough documentaries. I mean the American cop show with Damian Lewis. It’s about a cop who spent 12 years in jail after being wrongly arrested for the murder of his best friend and his family. The series starts after he’s released and rejoins the police force and its amazing. It’s only two seasons but its exactly how long it should be. It’s really refreshing to have a show actually stop when its done rather than drag it out.

Favourite Episode: Season 2 Episode 4: Not for Nothing

Reason: It’s just really good, okay?


Band of Brothers –btz3tkhb0yy-market_maxres

Staying on the Damian Lewis trend. Band of brothers is a mini-series about an American paratrooper unit during ww2. It’s amazing. It really focuses on the men who went through it all (it’s all based on true stories and you can see the real men talking about it at the start of each episode) Definitely the best war film or tv show ever made. I’ve rewatched this so many times (and this is definitely making me want to watch it again).

Favourite Episode: Ep 2 : Day of Days

Reason: The friendship between Damian Lewis’ character and Ron Livingstons character.


I want to take a moment to visit the graveyard of great sci fi tv shows that have been cancelled and mention Almost Human and Defying Gravity. They were both amazing shows and while they only made one season of each I definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to be angry with me about their cancellation.


Firefly –mv5bmtm0otiznjm4ov5bml5banbnxkftztcwndk4mdu5mq-_v1-_cr5754340418_uy268_cr180182268_al_

One of these lists wouldn’t be complete without firefly cropping up, would it? I admit I didn’t see this on TV when it came out. It was something my dad had on box set and made us watch episodes while we ate dinner when we were young (this and red dwarf, which you will not find me wanting to watch again. Sorry dad!). I love this series and, like most fans, will eternally curse whoever decided to cancel it. But at least we got a film I guess.

Favourite Episode: The one where mal threatens Jayne.

Reason: Mal being protective of his crew.


Honourable mention to Westworld because I’m pretty sure that it’s going to end up on this list as it is freaking amazing.

So, what are you favourite shows? Which ones do you rewatch the most or are you someone who tends to only watch new shows?

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  1. Netflixandill made me laugh. Thats great. I tend to watch reality shows of some sort. Ice Road Truckers or Storm Chasers. There was also a tv show about people climbing Everest. That was interesting. It really just depends on what I can find on youtube.

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