Looking Forward


Here’s part two of my Looking Forward, Looking Backward posts. You can read part 1 all about my year here. But for now onto my goals and hopes for 2017. (You can call them new years resolutions if you want but I’m avoiding the word.)


  • Keep writing.

I want to write two chapters a month every month this year instead of the one chapter that I set my goal as last year. Breaking this down a little more; I want to write one chapter of each my harry potter fan fic and my original story idea each month.

Related to that:

  • Keep writing my harry potter fanfic and…
  • Finish my prequel story.

My vague plan right now says there are about 7 or 8 chapters left (I’ve written 14 so far) so hopefully this will be done by the end of summer which will leave me enough time to…

  • Do a first edit of my original story.

This includes fixing all of the auto corrects and typos and going through my list of changes and writing them in.

I’m not going to say I will start my next story as it will depend on where I am with finishing the prequel at the end of the year. If I am in a good position to start it I may Nano it in November if not then I won’t. I’m not going to force it if there are still things to figure out. And it feels an awful way away right now so I’ll just see where I am


Books and blogs:

  • Keep blogging

I started taking my blog a little bit more seriously and interacting with other bloggers during summer and I’m really enjoying it so I want to keep doing this. I’m not sure I can commit to doing more posts regularly but I hope to do a few more.


  • Read at least 40 books

And review them, although I’d like to manage 4 books a month so 48 for the year but I’m not going to force myself.




  • Put more energy into my shop.
  • Have more listings

I’ve started working on some new designs (cards and cross stitch patterns) and I also want to try to promote a little more including trying to figure out pinterest and other ways to get more traffic and hopefully some orders. I’m really bad at all the social media/advertising stuff and have mainly just been focusing on making products so far but this will be my next step.



Old crafts:

  • Try to make some small cross stitch projects as well as the big ones

Related to the section above, I want to try to make some small cross stitch designs so I can add some more cross stitch patterns to my shop rather than just doing massive ones that will take me half a year to stitch. I’m currently working on some Harry Potter pin cushion designs that I’m really excited about and should work up relatively quickly.

  • Make my mum a bag

I got a charm pack along with my quilt fabrics because they were on sale for £5 (!!) and they’d be perfect for my mum. She’s asked me to use them to make her one of the lined tote bags I’ve made recently. And speaking of requests…

  • Make my dad another scarf

I crocheted my dad a scarf this year and he’s asked for another one in a dark red/maroon colour. I’m not sure which stitch I’m using yet as I need to test a couple of things. This will also be the first time I’ve bought any new yarn, rather than using my stash, in a couple of years but if he buys it then my yarn buying ban is still in effect, right?


New crafts:

  • Make my first quilt

I got all the supplies and fabrics I want to use for Christmas so everything is ready to go but I’m a perfectionist so I’m procrastinating and I’ve decided to…

  • Quilt a table runner

I want to use the different sewing machine feet and try out the join as you go method that I’m planning to use on my quilt on this first so that when I eventually do start my quilt hopefully it will go well. I want to get them both done this year. You can see a post all about the quilty stuff that I got for christmas next week.



I’ve been failing at learning Spanish for a couple of years now. I tried duolingo which was good for a while, I tried a couple of exercise books, I tried a YouTube podcast which was really informative but eventually I always stop. It’s a lot of effort, my brain gets tired easily and I’m rubbish at sticking with things that seem like hard work especially when I’m doing it alone. So this year my new idea is…

  • Keep a Spanish diary. Every day.

I’m going to write a short diary every evening in Spanish. Simple things. What I did that day and how I feel. At the start I’m sure I’ll be looking up most words but I’ll be saying a lot of the same things and hopefully it’ll stay in. The only problem is I’m almost forgetting about it everyday already. I have managed everyday so far but I’m honestly not sure I’ll achieve this one. I hope I do because it’s one of the most important ones as I want to move to Spain at some point.


  •  Find someone or a website to check my work

I would love to be able to type up a week of entries and…. Send it to someone or upload it to one of those learning websites for someone to check as there’s only so much I can learn unless someone is correcting my mistakes but so far I haven’t figured out how or where to do this one. So if anyone has any ideas please let me know. I think it’d also help me stick to doing the diary everyday.


So they’re my goals and hopes for the year. It’s a lot but they’re all in different areas and there isn’t really anything I want to pull back on. But at least it’ll mean I’ll probably at least achieve some of them!

How about you, what are your goals for the year? Are you aiming to read more books or try any new crafts? Have you learnt a language recently or are you trying, and what have you found helps you?


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16 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. I think a Spanish diary is a great start but the best thing to do is find a local group or class that meets once a week. With language you have to use it consistently in order to improve on it and to maintain it. I know in college we had a weekly conversation group that would meet at a restaurant and spend the whole hour speaking Spanish. Try the library or city classes. Buena suerte

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  2. Jess, some ambitious projects for you! I think you did fairly well pacing yourself last year, so this seems to be a little stretch,Mohicans is good, but sectioned enough that you can slow down pieces if necessary. I’m pulling for you!

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  3. Some great goals here! I hope you make it. I’ve been trying to learn Spanish as well, and I might have to try keeping a Spanish journal myself. It’s a good idea!

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