Pancake day’s my Favourite Holiday

I feel like I haven’t shared any of the new cards I’ve been putting in my shops lately so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone by sharing some pictures and a money off code.

I’m not sure I’m doing this shop thing properly, I think I’m suppose to be doing sales for more normal things but pancake day is MY favourite holiday so for one week I’m offering 10% OFF everything in my shop. Etsy or Conscious Crafties.

All you need to do is use code:


 ….because it’s 2017 not because I eat 17 pancakes…. I wish.

Anyway, it’s valid from Friday 24th February (that’s today guys, it’s active RIGHT NOW) to midnight GMT Friday 3th March.

There’s quite a lot to see, I’m still adding more and more as and when I can but for now there are some gold packs of three cards, rude and more happy:

Papercut cards including custom birthday cards:

Cross stitch designs:

And the latest cards in my shop are these cute little easter egg cards which are two for £2.


There are other things in the shop but I think that’s enough photo spamming for one day. But if you do check it out remember you can get 10% off. It’s not an exclusive code either so feel free to pass it along to anyone you think might want to use it.

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