Mothers Day Crochet

This post is a little late but rest assured my present wasn’t….For once! I managed to finish crocheting the cowl for Mother Dearest. It’s so lovely and soft and thick and snuggly. I mentioned starting it here where I also mention the pattern I used. I think it probably would have looked better in one colour rather than using scraps but that’s what I wanted to use and because it uses such a large stitch it’s really difficult to weave the ends in but hopefully they stay hidden

Here it is, TADA!


It’s also a little wider than I had planned and doesn’t sit as flush as I’d like so I wove in a plaited piece of yarn near the top and thread it through a wooden toggle button at the front so it can be cinched closed to keep out those cold blustery winds that happen during summer …. My timing is never great!

I also made her a card, obviously. What with me being in the card making business and all, it would have been a bit rude not to.

It’s not actually the one in this photograph because after I took these photographs my Dad came in and stole it to send to Nan and I had to cut Mum another one.

I ended up using a lilac background for the new one but otherwise it’s the same design. Which I did in fact design for my mum even though I put it in my shop too. The thought was there.

We also went out on the day for sunday lunch across the road (literally less than 50m but I still used my wheelchair) it was so very yummy. Downside to that was I ended up spending the next eight hours or so lying in the dark with a ridiculously painful migraine BUT it was worth it. So YUMMY.

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14 thoughts on “Mothers Day Crochet

      1. LOL – I seem to always make things a little too big. I try to follow the pattern, or eyeball it when I’m just winging it, but it always seems like it’s too small until I’m done and see it’s actually way too big! 😀

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