Crochet Trouble

A few posts ago I told you all about a scarf that I had started to crochet my dad. I’d decided to do it in basket weave and had gotten about a foot of it done but I really didn’t like how it was turning out. I hadn’t used a large enough hook and it was dense and not drapey at all. I put it to the side for a while thinking it probably wasn’t as bad as I thought but every time I went back to it, I hated it more so in the end I ripped it all out.

Here it was:


The problem I have is when I frog things I just do not have the motivation to re-do them so simply switching to a larger hook and hoping that would fix the problem just wasn’t going to happen. That meant that I had to find a new stitch that I liked enough.

Here in lies the biggest problem that I have with crochet. There really aren’t that many stitches I like. I mean they look great but they don’t feel great especially when you compare the same yarn to how it would feel if you knit it. Knitting is just so much softer than crochet. Which is obvious when you think about how each technique forms material. When you knit, what you are doing is weaving the yarn in and out whereas for crochet you are making a series of knots. Which one sounds softer? Yeah, not crochet.

Tunisian crochet is a middle ground here which is why I love it so much. It can be just as soft as knitting, as you are weaving a row at a time, but you still get to use one hook rather than two needles. Unfortunately, I didn’t think it fitted for this particular project. So I was left with trying to find a crochet stitch that was soft enough but that would work for a mans crochet scarf using quite thick Aran yarn.

I had already made my dad a scarf last year in moss/linen/granite stitch. Whichever name you want to use for it, he liked it which is why he asked me to make him another scarf but I didn’t want to go the same thing again. So i went on pinterest, I googled, I went on ravelry. I made swatches (I MADE SWATCHES PEOPLE!!! I never do that). I don’t even know what half of the stitches I tried out were called.

In the end I decided on a half double crochet through the extra loop. Also known as the camel stitch. I made a swatch and decided I wanted all of the extra loops that form the “chain effect” on the same side because I think it looks better than it being every second row. To do that I would have to cut my yarn and turn my work around after each row which is, like, really extra if your doing it width ways so I’m doing the scarf length ways.

It’s really difficult to show you the stitch pattern on dark yarn in a photograph but I tried. The first one is the ‘front’ with the chain stitches from the camel stitch pushed forward. It is also a lot closer to the actual green colour of the yarn but the yarn is darker. The second photograph has the ‘back’ of the scarf compared to the ‘front’. I;ve only done a handful or rows so far.

I started with a half double crochet foundation row rather than chaining and I have absolutely no idea how many stitches long i made it and i am not going back to count. It’s about six foot. So however many stitches that takes!

I went up to a 6mm hook and it’s just about right (I reckon I probably could have gone up another one but this is okay), and so far I’m liking it much better than my previous attempt of basket weave. I’m hoping that my one ball of 200g Aran yarn will be enough to get the whole scarf done. If not he’s just going to have a rather narrow scarf.


Do you knit and/or crochet? What do you think of the differences? Are there things you will only use one for? I think crochet is great for structural things or really loose lace like stitches or puff stitch (which I love) but I don’t like using it for other things. And if you crochet, what are your favourite soft go to stitches for scarves? Evidently I need more so feel free to tell me your favourite stitches!

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11 thoughts on “Crochet Trouble

  1. If you don’t like something from the word go, chances are its NOT going to grow on you, so think you did the right thing starting again (though I admit I rather liked the look of the basket weave). Good luck this time round.

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  2. The Tunisian looks nice with that yarn weight, hope it works out, or if not maybe consider adding a stripe in the middle….some subtle, maybe? I’m with you, I much prefer knitting for garments. I LOVE crocheted doilies for putting under lamps and such though, and I could see using crochet for washcloths and hand towels. I’ve seen some cute garments from crochet, but never really liked the feel.

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  3. I knit and crochet, though my crochet skills are not the greatest. I have always felt that knitting is more for garments and crochet is great for afghans, bed dolls, stuffed animals and that sort of thing. I have never crocheted a garment, but do like the lacy look of crochet in things like a bathing suit cover up or a top that can be worn over a tank top. I liked the basket weave you were knitting. It looked great. I think it will be great for a scarf. Why not do basket weave for about 3″ or 4″ and then do a different stitch for 3″ or 4″ and then go back to the baske tweave for another 3″ or 4″ and then add a different stitch again, making it as long as you want and adding as many different stitches as you want. I made a similar scarf for my husband and he loves it. It looks masculine and will become more “drapier” with wear.

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    1. I’m going to stick with the camel crochet stitch for now and hope for the best. But that sounds like a lovely scarf. I miss being able to knit so much! Just think how easy this would be. He’d have a lovely garter stitch scarf no problem.


  4. Crocheter here! I made a REALLY soft blanket for my Mom a couple years ago using specialty yarn, so the softness level can be worked around. But you’re right, it’s definitely not as soft or warm for clothing as knitting can be. I like crochet more for blankets/toys/washcloths/etc because it (usually) works up quicker and looks just as pretty, but for sweaters/scarves/hats/etc, it’s better to knitting if you know how to do it. 🙂

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    1. I hate that we have to spend loads more on specially soft yarn compared to knitting. I can’t knit anymore due to illness and I miss it so much. What I wouldn’t give to just be able to knit a simple garter stitch scarf!


  5. Hi! I have come across this same trouble time and again. Crochet can be so stiff sometimes! Have you ever used an extended crochet stitch? I made a scarf for a Harry Potter Halloween costume and used the extended half double, it draped nicely and the recipient wore the scarf all winter!

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