Buying a New Cutter

A while ago my electric cutter, the silhouette portrait, decided to stop cutting card. Which is kind of important because I sell paper cut cards. Everything went on hold for a couple of months and I took all my papercut cards down from my shop.

My cutter does at least still cut vinyl so I was still able to make some designs but it was high time for a new cutter. One that has a much higher pressure so I can consistently cut thick card without a problem.

With my birthday next week so I’ve finally bought one, which is very exciting! I’m putting all my birthday money towards it and getting the new KNK zing orbit (even the name is exciting). It’s suppose to be faster and Stronger too which will hopefully warrant the price tag.

My birthday is on Tuesday so I’ll be playing with it next week when I unwrap it but there’s plenty to do before then.

The new cutter uses a completely different program. It has a choice of two (Sure Cuts a Lot and Make the Cut) so I’ve been using the demo versions of both to figure out how they work and which I prefer so I can buy the right one. I’ve decided to buy Sure Cuts a Lot as I’ve found it a little easier to work with. But with that decided, now there’s another problem.


The designs for all my cards are in the file type for my Silhouette but I need to convert them so I can cut them out on my new cutter without having to re-design them all from scratch! (This would be the same with either programme I bought).

The good news is it’s possible. The bad news is I need to go through four different programmes to get it done… For each of the dozens of card designs! It’s a bit of a headache but at least it works. For a while there I really did think I was going to have to design them all from scratch. It just might take me ages though.

Wish me luck please. I’m going to need it!

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5 thoughts on “Buying a New Cutter

  1. New toys are always exciting but you’re right, learning new programs and converting what you already have can be a pain. I hope it all goes smoothly for you though 😊 good luck!

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