Happy Birthday to me :)

Just a quick very self indulgent post to say:

It’s my birthday today! Woooooo!!!

I am no longer able to check the 18-24 box on forms. I am now 25+. That is a way too big number for me because I am so immature sometimes. I still feel 18. Possibly because I got sick and never had to grow up.

Speaking of being sick; I was really ill at the start of the month but thankfully I’m just about over it now (which is also why I have nothing else to talk about because everything has been on hold, no crochet, no cross stitch, no sewing or writing, instead I spent my time watching harry potter and Disney marathons and feeling sorry for myself) so I’m looking forward to Chinese takeaway for dinner and then something yummy for dessert. Possibly with candles in? Who am I kidding, whatever it is, I will be sticking candles in it. Got to take any wish you can get.

I haven’t actually unwrapped anything yet as I’m waiting for my parents to get home but I’ve opened a few cards to tide me over. And I know what my main present is anyway. The cutter that I mentioned in my last post. Everybody got together to put money towards it (thank you everybody!!!) so I’m not expecting anything else but its sitting over there waiting for me to get my hands on it. I’m very excited but I’m trying not to think about it.

Don’t look, Jess.

It’s also fathers day this Sunday so it’s possible we’ll go out for a meal at some point as a joint celebration but that depends on how I’m feeling.

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18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me :)

  1. Happy happy birthday my beautiful friend. Can’t wait for you to open my gift. Hope you like it lol. Enjoy your day and I hope you feel well enough for the whole of it

    Love you Jess

    Ri xx

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  2. Oh Jess, I think we all stop aging at 18. Like most everyone I know still feel 18 inside (and I’m 70 – but don’t tell anyone lol). Its other people who give us birthdays to make us feel older.
    Hope you are well on the road to recovery now and will feel much better soon.


  3. Happy birthday!!!! Harry Potter and Disney marathons are the best, I should do that sometime soon! Hope you eat some awesome Chinese and that you love your presents 😊


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